Home décor e-commerce platform, Maiolica has joined forces with KonMari, consultant-in-training, Heidi Afifi to host a special masterclass which will showcase how your tableware and home décor can spark joy in your life.

The KonMari method masterclass will take place on October 22, 2019, from 10am to 12 noon led by Heidi Afifi, a professional passionate organiser and more specifically a KonMari consultant-in-training combined by a table styling session with home décor expert and Maiolica co-founder, Arianna Posenato.

Arianna Posenato, Maiolica co-founder said: “Maiolica’s philosophy is very much in line with the renowned KonMari Method, which is all about sparking joy in one’s life and we are excited to be joining forces with Heidi Afifi to bring our brand values together”. Posenato also added; “Getting family and friends reunited around the same table is so much more than just sharing a meal, it’s all about sharing joy. That sense of intimacy, togetherness and sympathy that lays around a dining table is something we learn since childhood. And the ambience is definitely a crucial element that contribute to make these feelings amplified – may be through colours, patterns, and contrasts.”

Heidi Afifi, KonMari consultant-in-training said: “Our aim in this collaboration is to share with masterclass attendees simple kitchen organisation, home décor and tableware tips and tricks that spark joy. Time spent at home is a precious part of one’s daily life and it is vital to adorn personal spaces with objects that are not only functional but also beautiful and evoke joy.”

Hosted at Miele’s Experience Center on Sheikh Zayed Road, the KonMari method masterclass is an ideal guide for those wanting to discover new table styling methods, different ways on how to reuse unused tableware and cutlery, and the best home storage solutions for those essentials.