ME Dubai continues its long-standing commitment to supporting the arts and creating memorable and immersive experiences for guests by welcoming modern visual artist Kristel Bechara as its newest Artist in Residence from 19th January until 17th February 2023. Presented in the hotel’s iconic Atrium, designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid, the exhibition aims to provide a gateway for curious minds, combining original artworks, prints, and NFTs in a singular space, allowing guests to witness a beautiful union of art and technology.

The exhibition explores the theme of ‘Wise Women’, as a modern-day interpretation of the ancient Japanese proverb of Three Wise Monkeys, which has been subject to extensive philosophical and political commentary over the years. Building on a previous series of artworks titled, ‘The Three Wise Women’, these paintings update the proverb to better suit the human condition of existing in this fast-paced world, with four new tenets added to the original proverb: Think no evil. Do no evil. Admit no evil. Post no evil.

Each of the seven resulting artworks features a wise woman as an allegorical representation of each tenant of the updated proverb. The front-view portraits of the women are meant to evoke a sense of philosophical curiosity within the viewers, making them question the intentionality and virtues by which they choose to live their lives by. Framed in dramatic poses, these wise women may amuse the viewer with their coy expressions and vibrantly painted hands, but underneath their monochromatic beauty lies an invitation to explore the vivid spectrum of morality and actions.

The show will exhibit three distinct versions of the artworks. Firstly, the hand-painted acrylic artworks will be displayed in the traditional manner, using cotton canvases stretched on wooden internal frames along with external, decorative wooden concrete frames. Along with the paper certificate of authenticity, all these traditionally painted artworks will be sold with their respective NFTs which will be transferred to the buyer’s crypto wallet.

Limited print editions of will also be displayed within Suite ME, consisting of 25 unique prints for each of the seven ‘Wise Women’. Each print has been digitally drawn and printed on transparent acrylic with aluminum hangings, and also comes with its own NFTs.

Blurring the lines between art and technology, the artist will also display the digital artworks from the series that will be sold exclusively as NFTs, making them an ideal acquisition for collectors who are looking to expand their collection of virtual art. This third iteration of the ‘Wise Women’ series will be showcased in the space using state-of-the-art screens and will represent the complete amalgamation of art with NFT technology. NFT artworks will come with a signed print.

Kristel comments: “By inviting visitors to explore the entirety of this show and the juxtaposition of the art with the digital, I aim to encourage them to not only appreciate the art but also gain an intimate understanding of how NFTs help artists like myself to establish provenance for their art and safeguard the authenticity of their work. I am incredibly excited about my upcoming collaboration with ME Dubai, a hotel that has gained an impressive reputation for championing world-class artistic talents, with a specific commitment to the importance of female representation, with really resonates with me. I feel it to be the perfect venue for my next solo exhibition and the presentation of my female-orientated works.”

Guests visiting ME Dubai’s Atrium will be able to see first hand Kristel’s dynamic artistic capabilities during her month-long residency, starting with a VIP Vernissage on 18th January, before opening to the public on 19th February.