MuchMORE, an Italian architectural, engineering, and landscaping design consultancy hosted an event to introduce their brand to the architecture, interior design, and landscaping business communities here in the UAE. The team at MuchMORE presented their project, sharing their goals and what they hope to achieve in this territory. Christian Bonu and Ivan Zucca, founders, HZ Studio Architecture and Engineering; Gianluca Peluffo, architect and founder, Gianluca Peluffo & Partners Architecture; and Rosi Sgravatti founder, Sgravatti Group, were all present at the event. The firms reached out to one another because they had a similar goal, that is, to create a multi-disciplinary platform at an international level and use an architectural and engineering integrated approach, to create designs that communicate the power of our times, and this is what lead to the birth of MuchMORE.

“Italy is a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design. Italian architecture and engineering is no different, it plays a huge role in giving Italy its distinctive image. Italian architects and artists have contributed to some of the world’s finest buildings and we want to bring that same standard of design and architecture to the Middle East,” said Christian Bonu, general manager and founder, MuchMORE.

Each entity of this partnership has a special role in the concept of MuchMORE. HZ Studio Architecture & Engineering, established in 2006 in Cagliari by Christian Bonu and Ivan Zucca, brings a sustainable approach to the engineering and brings the designs to life. Gianluca Peluffo & Partners, one of Italy’s leading architects boasts innovative designs while incorporating the rich historical and cultural Mediterranean elements. While Sgravatti, one of Italy’s oldest landscaping companies bring to the table their centuries of experience in designing and constructing green areas, they aim is to cultivate and spread the love for the green. The three entities that make up the brand MuchMORE have several years of international experience with projects across Europe and North Africa. With their work on the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, they bring their expertise to the region and are located close to the site in the new Dubai World Central Business Centre.