Oliver Dietrich, vice president export sales, Luctra, on how a good light ensures a well-balanced daily rhythm

What is the biggest lighting trend?
For people working all day in an office environment and don’t get enough of natural daylight, biological effective artificial light is the answer and at the moment, a big trend in the lighting market. When designing the office environments, the focus is more and more on the needs of the employee and we see that the integration of this biodynamic light creates an impact on the lighting market. Even when the Middle East region is blessed with bright sunny days, the daylight is often being kept outside by covering the windows because of the climate. Next, to this, a lot of offices have no daylight access. The awareness and interest in biodynamic light, basically the light that has an impact on your biorhythm – is growing.

Who are your end users?
Our end users are mainly formed of companies who care about the well-being and health of their employees. Our aim is to reach those companies through our partners and to help them to create more healthy and productive human centric workplaces. A place where every generation feels at ease and is in control of their workspace. A place where technology supports them without being too much in the foreground. A place where their creativity and productivity is supported and which has a positive impact on their well-being.

What are the new launches in 2018?
At the INDEX fair in Dubai, we have presented for the first time, our new floor lamp VITAWORK that has been designed to illuminate complete rooms via direct and indirect lighting. The LEDs built into the lamp head provide energy-efficient illumination via a light panel with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. It’s available with three different light flux intensities, depending on the size of the room, for optimal adaptation to the room size.

What are your expansion plans for this region?
With our in Germany based company, we have started our business in the European market. The GCC area is a growing market when it comes to creating office designs that engage sustainability, well-being and employee engagement. Next, to our expansion in the European market, our aim is to further establish our business in the GCC area.

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