LWK + PARTNERS celebrates leadership promotions to drive regional growth

LWK + PARTNERS is proud to announce a series of key promotions within their leadership team, underscoring their commitment to growth and excellence in the MENA region.

Mithun Varghese, with his background in diverse architectural landscapes, steps into the role of Director. Mithun’s approach to design is rooted in a deep understanding of space and culture, ensuring that each project resonates with its users and context. He emphasizes the importance of co-creative processes, stating, “Design thrives when multiple perspectives intertwine to craft a unified narrative.” he states.

Ahmed Fahmy, promoted to Dubai Studio Director, brings his unique blend of management styles to their studio. With a special focus on complex projects, Ahmed believes in the power of teamwork to overcome challenges and bring visions to life. He mentors designers to “embrace collaborative teamwork spirit and let it manifest designs, but always remain receptive to innovation and new ideas.” he advises.

Michael Naguib, their new Head of Digital Design, is a visionary in integrating digital innovation with aesthetic design. Michael’s unique skillset is set to enhance the studio’s digital design capabilities, aiming to create immersive and intuitive experiences that evoke emotions and forge lasting connections. Kourosh Salehi, elevated to the role of Global Design Principal, brings a unique fusion of urban design principles and architectural finesse to the table. Kourosh’s designs are characterized by their harmonious integration with their surroundings. He believes in the power of architecture to tell stories that resonate with the ethos of a place and its people. “I strive for a confluence of form, functionality, and folklore in each endeavour,” reflects Kourosh.

LWK + PARTNERS celebrates leadership promotions to drive regional growth
LWK + Partners, the lead architect for DIFC Living and Innovation Two.

Pradeep Prabhakaran, with his astute financial acumen, has been promoted to Finance Director. Pradeep’s role has been crucial in ensuring the financial stability and growth of our practice across the MENA region, enabling LWK + Partners to continue delivering exceptional projects and exceed stakeholders’ expectations.

Kerem Cengiz, Managing Director MENA, comments on the promotions: “We are fortunate to have such talented individuals leading our teams. Their expertise and dedication are key to our success, and I thank them all. This restructuring allows us to focus more on facilitating the strategic growth of our practice and strengthening our brand.”

These promotions reflect LWK + PARTNERS’ dedication to nurturing talent and driving innovation in the design industry. We congratulate our newly appointed leaders and look forward to their contributions in shaping the future of architecture and design in the region.