Makma Art Gallery, now open in Abu Dhabi, bridges the enduring tradition of glass and crystal artistry with modern audiences. A unique space dedicated to Islamic-inspired artworks, the gallery presents a captivating collection, from leading 19th and 20th century glass and crystal master craftsmen.

Commenting on the launch, Founder of Makma Art Gallery, Alia Sefrioui, said: “Makma Art Gallery is the product of years of planning and dreaming to curate an experience that reimagines the beauty of glass artistry in a contemporary context. Inspired by my own upbringing in a family of art collectors, this passion project is now a reality, bringing a thoughtfully curated collection of timeless pieces from around the world, to the UAE.”

Crafted from 100% natural and long-lasting materials, glass and crystal are known for their durability and timelessness. Our collection is as diverse as the history of glass and crystal manufacturing that spans the centuries. Makma’s exhibitions shine a spotlight on European master craftsmen who reinterpreted traditional Islamic glass art, bridging the gap between the past and present. We aspire to transform Makma Art Gallery into a hub for artistic and cultural exchange that blurs the lines between tradition and modernity, to connect us all through a shared identity.”

At Makma Art Gallery, one-of-a-kind pieces from Europe’s, and particularly Bohemia’s, leading glass and crystal houses are presented through a fresh and modern lens. Their exceptional design, proportions and meticulously executed gilding can transform contemporary homes into spaces of effortless luxury and refinement.

The gallery’s inaugural collection ‘The Mystical Art of Glass’ displays a curated selection of Mosque lamps and beautifully crafted pieces by French glassmaker Philippe-Joseph Brocard, along with pieces by Josef and Ludwig Lobmeyr, founders of renowned Viennese glass company J. & L. Lobmeyr.

Part of a new wave of 19th century glass makers, Brocard and the Lobmeyrs recaptured ancient methods to create outstanding glass pieces, inspired by Islamic decorative arts. Their vivid interpretation of ancient Persian and Ottoman glass is known as the ‘Mamluk Revival’.

On display until the end of December 2023, ‘The Mystical Art of Glass’ will be part of a series of exhibitions through which Makma Art Gallery presents a broad view of Islamic-inspired art and its global influences. The gallery collections will highlight the synergies between East and West, bringing rare artisanal glass art and Bohemia crystal, known for its stunning palette of colours, to the region.

Every piece at Makma Art Gallery is available for purchase and can be viewed through private, by-appointment-only showings at the gallery space at Sky Tower, Unit 1304, Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi.