Manital, a 30 years Italian company that produces design handles, during the lockdown works in order to find a product that suits the health crisis we are facing. Manital’s president Luigi Bigoloni explains: “What is happening now will certainly have repercussions on the ways we live and act. Not only in the near future, in fact it is very likely that similar situations will repeat themselves. In light of this, we have defined a new way to perceive handles and the methods of opening doors, a solution that can be an important contribution to the fight against bacteria and viruses”.

Luigi Bigoloni, Manital

The brand has developed NoHAND handles, the patented model is destined to improve safety thanks to an innovative movement: the elbow and forearm are now the body parts delegated to the function of opening and closing doors in order to protect our hands from contamination of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

A small change in habits for a positive impact on the greater good.


Bigoloni further adds: “We focussed primarily on crowded public spaces, where constant sanitisation is nearly impossible. As a result, we collaborated with architects Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera to design NoHAND, a handle that delivers a new concept and motion for the opening and closing of doors”