ME Dubai, an architectural icon in the heart of Dubai is the only hotel in the world to have both its exterior and interiors designed by Zaha Hadid. This month, the hotel continues its long-standing commitment to supporting the arts and creating memorable and immersive experiences for guests by welcoming internationally renowned artist, Natalia Kapchuk, as its latest Artist in Residence. From 1st March, Kapchuk will host her first solo show within the ArtKōrero gallery space on the third floor of the ME Dubai, with selected pieces displayed in the lobby. Reflecting and complimenting the fluidity of the interior space, with eco-oriented mixed-media pieces that highlight the unbridled beauty of our planet, in juxtaposition with the ramifications of human activity.

Natalia Kapchuk is a contemporary artist whose eco-oriented art pieces have captured the attention of the world, leaving impactful messages for observers. She is known for taking risks and experimenting with tree bark, sand, stones, and fermented moss with polymers, resi-crete, gilding, metal chips, and plastic showcasing her bravery and courageous nature. Her passion for creating captivating works of art lies beyond a mere means of expression but is used as an opportunity to make a difference. Natalia’s amalgamation at ME Dubai encompasses the unveiling of “Circa,” a series of artworks inspired by the resounding message of environmental awareness and sustainability with a mission to spread much-needed awareness and combat climate change through the powerful channel of art.

One of Zaha Hadid’s last projects, the Iraqi-British designer’s first hotel ME Dubai represents a strong connection to the culture and women around the world. Designed in Hadid’s signature curvaceous style, the interiors of the hotel note inspiration from the golden sand dunes of Dubai and her famous intensely futuristic architecture. Natalia’s artwork will complement ME Dubai’s tangible commitment to sustainability and will symbolize the emphasis on global environmental problems and the negative impact of industrial waste.

Guests visiting ME Dubai’s designated gallery space will be able to see firsthand Natalia’s dynamic artistic capabilities during her month-long residency, starting with a VIP Vernissage on the 28th of February, before opening to the public on the 1st of March.