Acoulite announces the launch of a new office in Business Bay. The new space is the crowning glory of a wider rebrand that the organisation has recently undertaken. The move comes as the company seeks to better align itself with its ‘human-centric’ approach to employee and customer experience.

Designed by KPS, the new office will act as a dynamic workspace and experience centre for employees and designers alike – showcasing some of Acoulite’s most innovative lighting and acoustic solutions in a physical setting. The refurbishment has harnessed a modern feel, which seeks to promote comfort, productivity and greater engagement with the Acouflite brand for all who visit.

This aesthetic design which is based on a notion of promoting ‘organic creativity’, has also been translated into the company’s 2D rebrand which uses geometric shapes derived from the Acoulite product range to bring a fresh and playful feel to the organisation and its operations in the UAE.

Steve Jardine, Acoulite’s general manager, said: “Having been the leading supplier of lighting and acoustic solutions to the UAE for over 17 years, we decided it was time to undertake a special revitalisation project to redesign our brand and create a living, breathing office space that customers and employees could enjoy, and would want to spend more time in. We strongly believe in taking a ‘human-centric’ approach to everything we do, and thought now was the perfect opportunity to make this more tangible via a new office design and brand refresh.”

Sarah Ahmad, marketing consultant for Acoulite, who oversaw the rebranding of the project, shared: “The re-design of the brand has been an important step in the continued evolution of Acoulite. It signals our vision for creating what we call ‘organic creativity’ whilst drawing on elements of the innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions that we provide. For instance, elements of the rebrand have been derived and conceptualised from a lighting pendent and acoustic panel design that we use in our current designs for clients.”