We are gearing up for a mega event— Sustainability Innovation Awards 2023, which will honour the accomplishments of the Middle Eastern region’s sustainability initiatives, projects, and green heroes from all industries. Participate with all your heart and let’s make it a huge success. Nominations are open.

The nominations for the Sustainability Innovation Awards is now open for nominations and the event is set to take place on August 31, 2023, at Sofitel Dubai The Palm. This event celebrates the groundbreaking achievements of companies from various industries, including construction, real estate, architects, designers, logistics, transport, energy, hospitality, and F&B companies, and many more, who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to sustainability.

The Sustainability Innovation Awards provide a platform for recognising and honouring organisations who are pioneering sustainable practises. These companies inspire others and set new standards for sustainability across industries by displaying their creative ideas and activities.

Companies from the aforementioned ecosystems are invited to nominate themselves in a variety of categories, including Energy Efficiency, Green Building Design, Circular Economy, Sustainable Transportation, Renewable Energy, and others. The nomination procedure is available to both large organisations and small businesses, with each category designed to acknowledge accomplishments depending on the size and breadth of operations.

The Sustainability Innovation Awards 2023 will be an evening of celebration and inspiration, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and change-makers dedicated to crafting a sustainable future. The event will serve as a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, with the goal of building relationships that can propel sustainability efforts to new heights.

To nominate a company or learn more about the Sustainability Innovation Awards 2023, please visit the official website at https://sustainability-awards.me/.