North 51 Consulting, leading project management firm in the UAE and premier fit-out contractor Havelock One announce the completion of its most recent project, a 4,682sqft. flagship store for iconic fashion designer Manish Malhotra at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue. This transformational project demonstrates the designer’s global expansion goals while also demonstrating his dedication to craftsmanship and creativity.

As Manish Malhotra embarks on a global journey, the store has been reimagined into an opulent palatial futuristic International Flagship. Collaborating with the visionary Indian interior designer, Gauri Khan Design Studio, the project pays homage to Manish Malhotra’s cherished history in the Indian Fashion Industry while commemorating his remarkable legacy.

The interiors feature exquisite chandeliers, decorative wall art, distinctive wall textures, and marble flooring complemented by custom-made bespoke furniture from Gauri Khan Designs. Additionally, 3-meter diameter ceiling roses, tailored GRG Capitals, and Corbels on columns, along with bespoke decorative lighting adorned with white gold leafing, instill the flagship retail space with a vibrant atmosphere. The jewellery room and VIP areas incorporate the brand’s essence, fostering harmony and a fusion of fashion embodied in design right from the store’s main entrance.

Tone-on-tone sophisticated colour palettes and specially curated decorative motifs create a perfect marriage between Manish Malhotra couture collections and intricate, glamorous jewellery. Every fold of material in the store whispers stories of heritage, love and timeless grace, celebrating the regal beauty within every woman.

Director of Project Management, Natasha Abbas, led the North 51 Consulting team in Commercial Management, Project Management and Construction Management. Partnering with Gauri Khan Designs and Havelock One Interiors, North 51 played a pivotal role in delivering a space that truly encapsulates Manish Malhotra’s distinctive style.

This project serves as a painted portrait of the highest project execution standards, demonstrating North 51 Consulting’s meticulous focus on Quality, Design and Attention to detail. Utilising innovative, traditional and modern build materials, the execution has been carried out on a futuristic project delivery platform. Managing design teams from the prestigious Gauri Khan Design Studio in India and Havelock One Interiors in the UAE showcased North 51’s commitment and capability in bridging the gap between the UAE and India on an international platform.

“We are honoured to be a part of this iconic project. Manish Malhotra’s designs have long been recognized as a masterpiece of beauty and glamour embodying classic and opulent designs, and we were determined from the outset in our commitment to delivering a retail space that mirrors his creative vision,” states Natasha Abbas, director of North 51 Consulting.

The high-end fashion retail store stretches the horizons of fashion and interior design, seamlessly blending Old charm and Modern futuristic India. The design represents a new milestone for Manish Malhotra, marking his presence in one of the most prestigious capitals of innovation, Dubai.

The flagship store marks the culmination of a collaborative effort between North 51 Consulting, Gauri Khan Designs and Havelock One Interiors. This landmark project signifies a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation and luxury, setting a new standard in the global couture landscape.


Photography: Alex jeffries