WrkBay by Ayana Holding is a new incubator and collaborative workspace that offers startups a chance to pitch their innovative business ideas to UAE-based real estate ecosystem – Ayana Holding. Ideally situated in the centre of Dubai, this hidden gem is the place-to-be for aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate employees alike. Beyond its beautifully designed offices, freshly brewed coffee, and delicious healthy snacks, WrkBay specialise in providing collaborative workspace for startups and entrepreneurs to connect with industry leaders and grow with the support from Ayana Holding’s network.

“Startups help solve complex problems, of course we want to support our community by connecting them with the best resources, classes, connections, and anything else they need to survive and thrive,” said Abdulla Lahej,co-founder, Ayana Holding.

New companies require new capabilities to face the evolving digital and environmental future, such as workshops, development strategies, and business support. Ayana Holding has recently partnered with California-based proprietary intelligence platform, ‘Apsy’, which will allow members the access to develop and design mobile apps without complex technical requirements. The UAE continues to support small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in the region through initiatives and programmes, including the recently launched crowdfunding platform, Dubai Next, as well as the new Commercial Companies Law, coming into effect June 1st 2021, that will allow 100% foreign ownership of onshore companies in the UAE.

“In alignment with the UAE’s initiatives, our WrkBay Startup Scheme offers a vibrant atmosphere with collaboration and networking at the core, and the very best of Ayana Holding’s resources,” shared Hamid Kerayechian, co-founder, Ayana Holding.

Members have the opportunity to prepare a pitch for the directors of Ayana Holding, who will then carefully select a startup to support, invest in, and welcome on board. Members professionally benefit from expert speakers, networking events, meeting rooms, cloud computing packages, and mentoring from industry leaders. Home to many successful startups including XPLOR; a PropTech, virtual mapping and master planning software genius. The WrkBay-founded tech-startup received US$3 million in funding to accelerate real estate digitisation using revolutionary, cutting-edge technology. M2L Concepts, an interactive leisure and entertainment company, is yet another success story to come from the Holding group. With the extensive network and support M2L have been able to gain access to new technologies, crafting immersive experiences that traverse the digital and physical world. M2L were crowned winners of ‘Ingenuity in Design & Entertainment’ at the Design Middle East Awards 2020.

The beautiful space is well-equipped to make your working life easier; sit and enjoy a coffee and (healthy) snack in the stylish café or sanctuary garden, attend a networking event or art exhibition with a new-found connection, make your start-up come to life from one of the premium offices, or just chill with Rio (the pet Macaw parrot) – perfect for decompressing after a busy day. “We are moving toward a future model of working that is not just about work, but wellness, nature, and socialising. A productive mind is a well-balanced mind, and we are here to make your working life easier,” said Ravi Subbiah, managing director, WrkBay.

With the rise of remote working, co-working spaces have also gained a lot of traction, with people craving a flexible, socially-distanced, working atmosphere in a non-competitive environment. It’s highly likely that co-working spaces are here to stay.

WrkBay by Ayana Holding, Za’abeel Road, Dubai, UAE. Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 9am – 7pm. info@wrkbay.cafe