Cem Kapancioglu, owner and founder of Dubai-based CK Architecture, shares time and money-saving recommendations for design and construction clients

It is no secret that you have a higher probability of getting your construction project done correctly and to your satisfaction, if there is only one party involved. In today’s world, it is both costly and time-consuming for owners to co-ordinate and manage with multiple parties on a project. This is especially true for a luxury villa owner who requires a high degree of personalisation and sophistication. Also, with the slowing down in the economy as a result of the COVID-19 there is a greater need for construction projects to be completed within the stipulated budget and time.  However, it takes the effort of all the stakeholders from the client/owner, architectural designer, engineers, as well as the contractors to be successful in optimising time and cost. So how can today’s client’s get the best out of their construction projects which will save them both time and money? The first thing to do and it will sound obvious, is to do your research. You need to identify a good designer and builder that can translate your vision into reality. Ideally, you want one single point of contact. Unlike traditional methods, with design and build, you have one company responsible for both architectural design and construction.

With one entity responsible for all project aspects, design and build elements, it eliminates project management headaches and provides every team member with a clear construction plan. Also, a good design and build company will be able to provide holistic design and build solutions from A to Z using their own, in-house resources from full-time highly experienced architects, designers and engineers. This will ensure an integrated solution throughout the process; from planning your outdoor space and landscaping to designing the exterior and interiors of your home to MEP works and finally construction. A fully integrated approach provides clients with a centralised, one-stop solution. The design and build specialist will have a full overview of the project every step of the way and cater to every aspect of the design and build process without any unnecessary delays. With one company managing design and construction, you and everyone else know where the buck stops. That simple knowledge keeps projects accountable, flexible, and always moving forward.

For owners, that translates to rapid project delivery and savings. Once you’ve identified the design and build specialist, the next step is to sit down with them and explain your vision for your dream home. An experienced consultant will have the right questions; provide possible alternatives and solutions from choosing the right material, colour etc. Every aspect of the design and build will need to be carefully detailed and planned from the material, quality and style to ensure the final outcome is exactly as you envisioned it. Once you’ve agreed on your strategy and way forward it is important you lockdown key milestones along the various stages of the construction to ensure the project is on track and more importantly within budget. So, to sum up, research, research, and research. I cannot stress this enough. The most important step in your design and construction journey is choosing the right partner. Once you’ve identified the right specialist clearly communicate your vision and finally agree on key milestones and timelines to ensure your dream home is all that you imagined it to be.