Pedal is a unique concept bicycle workshop cum coffee bar where cycling enthusiasts can socialise with like-minded others over coffee and pastries while they shop for the latest accessories and have their bikes serviced.

The rustic-industrial ambience of the flagship Pedal merges form and function to create a one-stop bicycle shop in an industrial area of Dubai. The seamless concrete floor provides a solid monotone foundation to unite the different zones, each designated for specific purposes.

Overhead metal light fixtures suspended from the high, open black ceiling create a cohesiveness to the separate retail and hospitality areas while utilizing every available space for displays.

A curved wood rack curves artistically up one wall for customer bike parking while the cosy coffee zone encourages cyclists to hang out with distressed leather chairs and reclaimed wood tables.

On view through sliding glass-paned doors is the workshop so cyclists can observe their bike maintenance and repairs as they enjoy coffee and camaraderie. And also browse the stylish displays of the latest cycling gear.

The bicycle theme extends throughout the retail displays and even into the washroom/changing areas with old-fashioned wash bucket sinks, and bicycle inspired signage.

The warm red oxide façade of Pedal encourages cyclists to squeeze their brakes and come inside.