Pia Lakhsmi Sen celebrates an extraordinary two decades with the leading global design firm LW Design.

Sen arrived in the UAE in 1987, after completing her studies at the Institute of Interior Design in Copenhagen. Just over two decades ago, Jesper Godsk and his partners launched LW Design and Sen joined. Since her move to Dubai, Sen has witnessed the evolution of traditional Arabic and Islamic design into a more contemporary language that communicates with GGC residents and global travellers alike. She has the innate ability to create a space that entertains and engages its visitors, embraces tradition and nods to the future.

Empowered by Sen’s work, LW Design successfully introduced many international brands into the city’s exciting and contemporary landscape. Some of her successful commissions include Grosvenor House’s Buddha Bar, B’Attitude Spa, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, amongst others.

Sen understands that the UAE is one of the world’s most remarkable places for interior design; its pace is rapid, and exciting. The city boasts a vibrant and young community that is driven by design and detail. “Today, there is a real mixture of design styles. Like fashion, interior design goes through style phases. We have seen very traditional and classical Middle Eastern design, contemporary, lifestyle, Mid-Century. It seems that we are heading toward a more architectural and minimalist style. Today’s design is also very much lead by the ‘story’ that the designer wants to tell in their design language. The guest experience is also a huge driving force behind ‘Instagrammable moments’. It seems to be the way of the future for a lot of clients,” explains Sen.