Polished Interiors transforms villas into personalized luxury

Polished Interiors is intensifying its efforts in customization to create a larger and more sustainable impact

Polished Interiors, a leading interior design firm spearheaded by lead designer Maisa Saif, is revolutionizing the concept of builder’s grade villas by offering bespoke upgrades that elevate the standard of luxury living.

Unlike conventional villa upgrades, the company delves deeper into customization for a bigger, more sustainable impact – focusing on key elements such as flooring, ceilings, AC grills, doors, and cabinets. By redefining these foundational elements, each villa receives a unique and personalized touch, setting it apart from others in the vicinity.

Polished Interiors transforms villas into personalized luxury

Since the past four years, Polished Interiors has completed over 20 villa upgrade projects in Abu Dhabi, with an additional two projects in Dubai. The company’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in its results. With customizarion at the heart of all their projects, Engr. Maisa Saif and her team ensure that each project is entirely unique, and perfect for the client living in it.

Satisfied clients attest to the transformative power of Polished Interiors’ work. Testimonials often mention the impressive personalized finish and impeccable attention to detail. Clients who choose Polished Interiors are certain that their homes will be completed entirely to their specifications and lifestyle.

Polished Interiors transforms villas into personalized luxury

A standout case study involves a client whose villa had initially contained wasted spaces. Through meticulous planning and innovative design solutions, Polished Interiors not only maximized the client’s existing space, but also added square meters to the house, creating a fully-fledged dressing room adjacent to the bedroom—a dream come true for the client. Additionally, the newly added space downstairs was converted into a family dining room, optimizing both form and function.

Polished Interiors’ dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and client-centric design sets a new standard in luxury villa upgrades, transforming houses into homes that reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of their owners.