Venezuelan-born Lebanese Chakib is known for his modern designs of the highest calibre. He has designed and realised various architectural projects in Lebanon, Europe and the Middle East, thanks to which Chakib gained international recognition. His buildings possess a poise that is rare in contemporary constructions of his region of the world. Scale exaggeration and repetition of architectural elements are partly responsible for this. There is a strong unifying concept that orchestrates the relationship of interior to exterior, the flow of the internal spaces and light, and the design and location of furniture that produce a harmonious entity. The light that penetrates into the spaces abundantly adds to the feeling of well-being.

Some of his works include the Zinc House Dubai, Amman Mansion, Elie Saab Apartments (Paris), Elie Saab Beirut Residence and Plantation House (Al Ain). In all his works, the architecture and interiors are minimalist, sophisticated, and infinite attention to details is given.