Alan George has established an exceptional track record of success over the previous ten years. Currently, he practices as a senior architect for Orange Design Group.

George, a speaker and guest lecturer, thinks it’s critical to close the knowledge gap between academia and the practise of architecture. In Dubai, he serves as a jury member on a regular basis for various design schools.

Additionally, he serves on the advisory board of The Canadian University of Dubai’s faculty of architecture and interior design, which is his alma mater.

George founded the aForm show in 2019 to give back to the design community. It’s a podcast about architecture and design focusing on the GCC market. The show is created by designers for designers and covers a wide range of topics relevant to the working professional.

George is an avid urban sketcher and a founding member of the Dubai chapter. He is currently working on the publication of his first book. A visual collection of sketches documenting Dubai’s evolving urban fabric.