Brass Monkey unveils a new location in City Walk designed by Prospect Design.

Step off the streets of City Walk into a colourful disco playground where gaming and food coexist. Grab a cocktail from the bar and spin a ball down the expansive bowling alley, which beautifully blends antique decor with LED screen technology. Explore the jukebox and old-school arcade while 90s and 2000s hip-hop, rap, and disco music plays from the speakers.

This is Brass Monkey, but perhaps not quite as you know it. Launching Brass Monkey 2.0 Prospect Design International created the Brass Monkey brand back in 2020, launching the original Bluewaters Islands venue mid-pandemic, which shook up the gaming and entertainment industry with an apologetically loud blast of 70s rock. It was an instant success, with expats and tourists coming in their hundreds to play, eat, and party within the colourful, retro space.

Brass Monkey Bluewaters Island is bold in both concept and design, and offered something different for the Middle East. It would be a challenge to create a second venue within this distinctive DNA that was fresh, exciting, and suited to a new urban location. In keeping with the brand’s retro roots, we took Brass Monkey City Walk back to the late 90s/ early 00s, inviting you to get lost in an iconic era, now fondly reminisced by millennials, and romanticised by nostalgia-hungry Gen Z.

It’s all in the detail

Brass Monkey is renowned for being grand, not only in scale but in offering, and our new concept stands out from its neighbours in C2; the new licensed district in City Walk. Why opt for 1 beer variety on the menu, when you can have 12? Our unique establishment is therefore the go-to hangout, where clientele can socialise, play, and eat at the same time. The 2-level venue features a bar, bowling alley, dining area, pool tables, and terrace on the lower floor, while the upper floor boasts an arcade and impressive selection of games, along with its own bar that opens onto a terrace for indoor/outdoor socialising.

When it comes to design, every corner has been considered, even the bathrooms where you’ll find unique artwork in each cubicle and dramatic pops of cherry red adorning the walls. The use of reoccurring motifs provides cohesion between areas, for example, the disco ball is not only found in its expected ceiling location, it’s also replicated as a high-shine table base, and a prop for the giant monkeys who loom over the bowling alley. There’s a certain refinement to the space, respectful of the brands industrial origins, but in-keeping with this surrounding area. Art plays a major role in setting the cool late 90s/early 00s vibe. This is where Prospect Design International joined forces with artists for the visuals scattered throughout the whole venue. From music magazine cover posters to oversized street art murals, it captures a youthful spontaneity straight from the era of inspiration.