RODA, the distinguished purveyor of outdoor furniture renowned
for its refined functionality and impeccable design, proudly announces its
strategic alliance with NextSpace, a leading representative of luxury outdoor
furniture brands specializing in the Middle East and Africa regions. Nextspace is
now officially the representative agency for RODA in the GCC.

Since its inception in 1991, RODA has epitomised the fusion of nature and design.
With a steadfast commitment to crafting outdoor spaces that evoke joy and a
sense of fulfillment, RODA has garnered international acclaim for its collections
that seamlessly blend indoor elegance with outdoor functionality.
“Cultivating luxury outdoor living experiences requires a delicate balance of
innovation, elegance, and cultural sensitivity. At NextSpace, we’re committed to
meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.. Together with RODA, we’re poised
to elevate outdoor living to new heights, seamlessly blending sophistication with
functionality,” says Martin Fryzelka, CEO of NextSpace.

RODA’s philosophy revolves around the belief that outdoor living spaces deserve
the same attention to detail as their indoor counterparts. Each piece of furniture
is meticulously designed to harmonise with its natural surroundings, creating
inviting environments that celebrate the spontaneity of outdoor living. From
Mediterranean-inspired aesthetics to the use of premium materials such as teak
and stainless steel, RODA’s creations epitomise durability, versatility, and

NextSpace’s expertise in the Middle East and Africa markets perfectly
complements RODA’s global expansion strategy. Specializing in developing sales
and marketing strategies for luxury outdoor furniture brands, NextSpace serves
as the exclusive representative of top-tier international factories. With an
extensive network of design professionals, developers, distributors, and clients,
NextSpace is poised to elevate RODA’s presence in key markets and ensure
seamless engagement and support for its discerning clientele.

“We are thrilled to join forces with NextSpace to further our reach in the Middle
East, specifically Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab
Emirates.” said Davide Pompa, CEO of RODA. “This partnership aligns perfectly
with our vision of bringing the essence of outdoor living to discerning customers
worldwide. With NextSpace’s expertise and network, we are poised to introduce
RODA’s signature blend of luxury and functionality to new audiences.”

Under this strategic collaboration, RODA and NextSpace aim to redefine luxury
outdoor living experiences offering a curated selection of outdoor furniture
solutions for luxury residential, corporate, commercial, and hospitality projects.
With a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction,
RODA and NextSpace look forward to shaping the future of outdoor living