With the introduction of the Lift system at the Facility Management trade show in Utrecht and the Workspace Expo in Paris, Royal Ahrend is adding a worldwide patented synchronised gas lift solution to its comprehensive sit-stand desk portfolio. This latest non-electrical innovation is a game changing design, offering endless opportunities for agile sit-stand work settings, including mobile options. The Lift system offers incredibly fast and intuitive adjustment which makes it the most user-friendly which encourages employees to frequently alter their sit-stand work posture.

The system will be added to the successful Ahrend Balance desk portfolio and also integrated in the brand new Gispen TMNL desk portfolio. The Lift system will be ready to order in Spring 2020.

Need for vitalising workspaces
Research shows that long periods of sitting at work poses a risk to our health and wellbeing. A regular change of posture and spending less time sitting has a positive health effect. It decreases the chances of diabetes, cardiac disease, burn-out and depression. Research conducted by Texas A&M University* found that employees who use a sit-stand desk are 45% more productive than their sitting colleagues. It is vital that employers enable their employees to stay mobile at work. Multiple organisations are encouraging staff to take the stairs, walk around during calls or to organise stand-up meetings. The availability of sit-stand desks is essential to encourage people to increase their activity level in the office. To encourage the actual usage of sit-stand desks it is important that adjusting the height is swift and simple. The Royal Ahrend Lift system eliminates all barriers that prevent users from adjusting the desk height.

Tessa Bouwman, marketing director at Royal Ahrend, says: “The unique Lift system with its easy to use technique is the latest development in creating vitalising workspaces. Because of its light and flexible nature it really encourages people to change their work posture more often and as such enhances people’s health and wellbeing as well as their productivity while at work.”

Offering a variety of agile work settings
Many organisations are recognising the advantages of agile working. This dynamic way of working demands a varied and balanced design of the workspace and its products; walls for sticky notes, high tables for the daily stand-up meeting and designated spaces where people can concentrate or collaborate. The numerous setup possibilities of Balance Lift and TMNL Lift perfectly accommodate the flexible way of working: single, duo- and multiple workstations, equipped with wheels or with a fixed leg. This gives employees the freedom to select the workspace best suited for their current activity.

Ahrend Innovation LAB
The Lift system is the latest development from the Ahrend Innovation LAB, and is a joint effort between in-house designers and engineers. The patented solution is supported by an intuitive and fast sit-stand adjustment. The system does not use an engine and is not dependent on external power which makes the furniture portfolio incredibly flexible and sustainable. The team of designers and engineers also developed the technology and machinery for mass production for both the European and Asian production locations. The Ahrend innovation LAB was founded in 2015, and after developing the award-winning WELL Collection, the Comfort Workstation, and the Silence CALL, the Lift system is the latest innovation.