Sans Souci and ELE Interiors present their newest bespoke domestic project in Sharjah, UAE. The 1800sqm interior space of the private residential project seamlessly integrates the villa’s unique architectural features with a modern touch. Sans Souci incorporated their most popular signature collections while customising formations, colours, and coatings to complement the interiors.

The stunning project was inspired by a blend of neutral earthy hues and textures, combined with traditional Middle Eastern concepts. The vision encompassed an innovative style, that complemented the concept of bringing nature within by utilising the building’s distinctive qualities of high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. This luxurious style was finalised with well-known FF&I brands and accessories from high end brands such as Hermes and Ralph Lauren.

Sans Souci coordinated with ELE Interiors on the designs of the lighting instalments with this theme in mind. Each of the three installations are made of complex glass, which are nano-coated and crafted into intriguing geometrical shapes, to establish unique light dispersion at night. One of the most striking centrepieces integrates the KERCHIEFS collection and is designed to mimic leaves being swept up by the wind, creating a luxurious dynamic flow.

 “We were excited to be part of this project and to show a lot of our collection pieces in one place”, commented Elie El Khoury, Managing Director of Sans Souci Middle East. “Some of our signature collections, namely KERCHIEFS and VICE VERSA fit around the theme and design, whilst some were unique bespoke concepts.”

The Sharjah villa is one of the most recent installations of their bespoke collection and one of the many private residential projects here in the UAE, such as the Jumeirah Island Villa, Abu Dhabi Villa, the Palm Jumeirah Villa, the Bvlgari Residences, and the Dubai Hills villa.