Santiago Calatrava unveils the design for the Qatar Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. The Pavilion’s design combines elements of sculpture and structure resulting in an architectural beacon representative of Qatar’s vision of the future while paying tribute to the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

The design draws inspiration from the four elements represented on the Coat of Arms of Qatar; two crossed and curved swords, encompassing a Dhow and Island with palm trees. The expressive form of the Pavilion eloquently combines and translates these cultural elements to capture movement, mobility, strength and tradition. Calatrava’s design emulates a modern interpretation that symbolises Qatar’s progressive outlook of the future while remaining true to its culture and heritage.

The construction of the Qatar Pavilion, which is being carried out by main Contractor, ALEC FITOUT, is already at an advanced stage and is expected to be completed next month. Given that the site works began in May 2021, the project represents a benchmark in efficient design and expeditious construction scheduling.

Covering an area of approximately 960sqm, the Qatar Pavilion accommodates a total built-up area (BUA) of approximately 620sqm The iconic, intersecting structures of the main building will ascend upwards to nearly 15m in height, with an adjacent sculptural monument rising to 20 meters in height. Internally, the Qatar Pavilion will consist of two main galleries and exhibition spaces, providing highly engaging, inclusive and experiential environments for visitors.

Micael Calatrava, CEO of Calatrava International, shared: “Inspiration is derived from Qatar’s national emblem to truly capture the essence and vision of the nation. The architectural gesture and structural form of the Pavilion, which houses the entire visitor experience, mirrors the shape of the Dhow and its grand sails. The sculptural monument at the entrance of the Pavilion represents an abstract translation and fusion of two intertwined Palm trees, while the reflective pools and integrated water features surrounding the Pavilion represent the Arabian Gulf which encompasses the nation of Qatar.”

Construction on the project is at an advanced stage and with the expedited schedule of five months, the Qatar Pavilion will reach completion in advance of Expo 2020 anticipated opening on October 1, 2021.