Design challenges, 2020 was a year of iconic projects for Design Infinity

Last year, was a challenging one due to the COVID-19 crises, it forced people to accept to the new realities of life, and it was amazing to see how the world adapted so well to the new norms and came out stronger. One of the leading fit-out companies in the region, Design Infinity, took this opportunity to introspect and a multi-level reflection on values, beliefs, and leadership that is needed in the future. This assessment along with stringent safety measures and focus on digitisation led to a year full of iconic projects for Design Infinity. From hospitality to commercial, the company has a list of exemplary projects in its portfolio in varied sectors for 2020. Here are three commissions by Design Infinity that are worth all attention:

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP)

Design Infinity recently completed fit-out works for Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP). The Project spanning nine months covers a 130,000sqft four-storey building. The project comprises RTI office, common areas, auditorium, seminar halls, dedicated exhibition space, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, and 32 offices including 18 meeting rooms. One of the unique elements in the fit-out works for this project is the cloud installation, which is one of the biggest installations of stretch ceilings/ fabric in the UAE. Aligning the support cables was a big challenge as the final elements were to be fixed nearly 20- 30m below the support structure. The total weight of the ‘cloud’ is 1,182kg. The LED lights used in the project stretch up to 375m in length and 520sqm of stretched fabric was used in the installation. The second unique element is the atriums’ 3D bench. The domes within the atriums have been designed with gypsum, acoustic ceiling, and metal works at a height of 30m while maintaining health and safety standard with no lost-time injury (LTIs). All the metal meshworks within the dome were carried out in the company’s in-house metal and glass factory in Dubai.

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (DTEC)

DTEC is another magnificent project completed on time by Design Infinity. The total size of the project is 67,039sqft. The office is spread across four floors at Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis. The project is a co-working space with flexible desks, multi-purpose discussion rooms and collaborative areas to foster creativity for entrepreneurs. The recreational aspects, including an indoor slide from 3rd floor to 2nd floor, the climbing wall and a 100m indoor jogging track on the 2nd floor, are engaging, and playful elements like the indoor slide are incorporated to promote positivity, productivity, and emotional well-being. The olive trees, plants and greenery at various coworking zones bring nature indoors and the overall fit-out encompasses the colours from the DTEC logo. The whole working environment in the DTEC Project is energised with the use of vibrant colours in the furniture, ceiling, and flooring. There is an indoor climbing wall scaling up from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor to encourage fitness at work. There is also a modern, sleek design complete with LED lights that lend the office a futuristic, avant-garde look. There is an array of places to work, including tiered seating, acoustic booths and lounge area. The entrance has a ‘wow’ factor reception, with an artificial biophilic wall and branding. The main challenge of this project was the strict timeline; the project had to be completed in 90 days. Design Infinity’s track record for on-time completions was maintained, despite several structural major approvals that could have hastened the pace of the project. Another challenge was the use of different materials to create an exceptional co-working space. Design Infinity custom made all the metal and woodworks, acoustic elements and other materials in their joinery factory in DIP.

Zayed University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

Another iconic project recently completed by Design Infinity is Zayed University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. The total size of the project is 47,361sqft. The project has very interesting interior elements. There were lot of interior elements that Design Infinity amended with the design, to achieve best results. The main challenge of the project was working at a 16m height with scaffolding throughout the project to complete all the MEP services and structural works, without interrupting other activities. Some of the striking elements include metal and woodworks which were all undertaken in the company’s joinery factory in Dubai. The entire project uses acoustic elements in its fit-out works- acoustic ceiling, acoustic interlay carpets, acoustic lights, sound-absorbing panels, 3D mesh etc. Design Infinity earlier announced the achievement of 100,000 safe man-hours without any LTI (lost time injury) in the Zayed University Project. The company exceeded the safety standards with the completion of this reputed project.

Design Infinity is a fast-growing, interior fit-out company based in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2012, the company provides a complete range of high-end interior services and turnkey solutions for commercial offices, spanning diverse sectors. With its corporate headquarters in Dubai and the regional offices in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the company is owned and operated by a highly experienced team of interiors specialists. Co-founded by Pratap Mendonca and Geetha Nayak, the firm has completed a total of 450+ projects till date. Design Infinity was the winner of this year’s Design Middle East’s Best Retail Project category for the project Shurooq. The company also received the world’s fourth-highest Platinum LEED Certification for their project Provis and Khidmah HQ in Abu Dhabi. Design Infinity has a separate division for Metal & Glass along with a joinery of 30,000sqft area. They also have an in-house showroom for office furniture which represents global manufacturing brands.