Sneha Divias is back again with her latest venture—White & the Bear, a unique restaurant dedicated to the little ones. The first-of-its-kind, White & the bear is a children’s restaurant and concept store that provides all the wholesomeness of a place that’s inherently good and fun for kids. Families that are out and about can make a stop at the restaurant for some refreshing quality time together or make plans for a dedicated trip – there’s much to be enjoyed.

The interior sets it apart from other child-centric spaces. Unlike the usual primary colour-based theme that one can see at most spaces for children, White & the Bear features neutrals and other calming tones that fuel children’s curiosity. Despite being a family-friendly space, children’s needs, and preferences were taken into account while designing the interior, selecting materials, and setting perspectives.

Inside, children are welcomed to a clean and minimalist expanse with warm textures and tones – the perfect environment for enhancing imagination. On the ground floor, the restaurant, retail area, and display counters are seamlessly integrated into a single space while still maintaining separateness. The retail concept store extends to the first floor, where there is also a reading area for kids, workshops and birthday party rooms, and a nursing area.

Sneha Divias

Designed by Sneha Divias Atelier, White & the bear’s interior is the second child-focussed space in the studio’s portfolio. The Atelier aimed for a space that would form a connection with its young visitors through every aspect. The restaurant has its own distinct personality, mainly due to its unique approach to design for the younger ones and second because of its children’s menu, which is carefully crafted by internationally acclaimed children’s nutrition expert Annabel Karmel MBE. The menu includes made-to-order children’s meals that are balanced and delicious – there are even allergen-free and vegetarian options. The design is all about contributing towards the best experience possible, for both the kids and the parents.

The multi-faceted adventure at White & the bear gives children the opportunity to explore with reading, learning, and eating with their parents. This sensory-based interaction will not only strengthen parent-child relationships but also help children learn new things in a way that’s engaging. Parents can look forward to taking their kids to a place that improves their communication, sensorimotor, interactive, and creative skills while learning a few things at White & the Bear too, like what foods they can recreate to give children a balanced meal, and how to provide an environment at home that encourages learning.

Photo courtesy of Natelee Cocks
Photo courtesy of Oana Minuti