Canal Cove Villas by My Pick One is an epitome of luxury and inspiration

It’s simple yet extraordinary—Canal Cove Villa in Palm Jumeirah by design firm My Pick One has refined the luxury. The enchanting interiors of this residential project are mesmerising. For this interior design project, the team aimed for a concept that aligned with that of the Canal Cove Villas, a self-contained community that houses 3 to 4-bedroom properties. With the Palm Jumeirah embodying futuristic themes, it was important for the design firm to include contrasting elements as well. As a result, the villa’s interior acted as a merger between postmodern and classic design. With its picturesque scenery and naturally captivating views, it has all the features that people would look for in their dream home or vacation spot. The neighbourhood is carefully nestled between two of the palm’s ‘fronds,’ resting on the edge of the Arabian Gulf. The My Pick One team of interior designers implemented a philosophy surrounding sustainability into the interior design by using natural and renewable materials. The design is meant to make the most of the space without compromising on its expansive nature. As a result, postmodern minimalism was a highlighting factor in the design. In the villa, every room’s interior exudes a distinct ambience. With three spacious bedrooms, there’s plenty of ‘room’ for experimentation, creativity, and depict inspiration. The villas feature all the amenities one could possibly wish for, whether it’s a communal garden, gymnasiums, or leisure clubs. The entire neighbourhood showcases a variety of services and amenities with a boutique-like aesthetic. By fusing an intimate sophistication with a show-stopping attitude, they crafted a design that radiated boutique-like energy.

Here’s the design tour of this property: