Experts at LEED-certified architecture and engineering consultancy, EMKAAN, have unveiled their forecast for some of the top trends inspiring the direction of design and architecture in 2017.

EMKAAN’s predictions of UAE’s biggest trends in architecture include sustainability with designers embracing an increasingly refined taste for minimalism and modern style, but with sustainability being the vanguard of all building endeavours. Smart and energy efficient buildings are becoming more common.

Muhammed Obaid, founder and CEO OF EMKAAN, commented: “In the UAE, the prolific use of technology and social media consumption has shortened the gap in adaption of global trends. The country is seeing international styles hitting local markets a lot quicker than in previous years.

“As far as architecture, interior design, and lighting trends are concerned, 2016 was an innovative year. In 2017, technology will continue to revolutionise the global architecture industry, however when it comes to practice rather than theory, a return to a more classic authenticity in design and materials is likely to be a distinguishable feature of the year.”