As we usher in the sacred month of Ramadan, it is time to bring out the festive decorations and fine ornaments that truly embrace the spirit of the Holy month.

To create the perfect ambience for your iftar and suhoor settings, look no further than modern lifestyle and home-fashion brand, aura. Its limited edition Ramadan 2020 Capsule Collection has the perfect pieces to add to your home decor, with a beautiful array of dining, serveware and table accents for that added elegant touch to your Ramadan evenings.

The decadent collection combines traditional Arabic calligraphy created by regionally known calligrapher, Shaker M Kashgari and contemporary design elements for a chic Middle Eastern display.

The collection also features minimalist yet functional pieces such as the polished wood Hason trays and the striking Hason coasters, catering to those who prefer subtle fineries.

For the perfect majlis, place plush cushions around the room whilst using golden accents, such as the iconic aura dellah, for that touch of opulent splendour.

Here are some of the key pieces from this collection: