As we begin the new year, let’s look at some exceptional projects to look forward to in 2024 that are high on architecture, style, innovation, and creativity.

Six Senses Amaala

Six Senses Amaala attracts guests into a realm of unparalleled enchantment, where the art of crafting unforgettable memories takes centrestage. This coastal haven, positioned within unique landforms, unveils a tapestry of accommodation options, each a testament to the brand’s commitment to refined luxury and sustainable design. Whether it’s the allure of beachfront residences, the serenity of a hillside village, or the exclusivity of villas along the private mangrove bay, the offerings cater seamlessly to the diverse preferences of their end-users.

Within this retreat, 64 rooms, six suites, 30 villas, and 25 branded residences stand as architectural masterpieces carefully crafted by U+A and beautified with interiors by Studio Carter. Drawing inspiration from the traditional coastal villages of the region, this destination effortlessly blends into the natural topography, utilizing locally sourced materials to echo the authenticity of its surroundings. Perched along the captivating Amaala Triple Bay area, the accommodations provide sweeping panoramic views that stretch from the majestic Hijaz Cove to the charming expanse of the Red Sea.

As one arrives at the top of the mesa, Six Sense Resort unveils itself as a retreat of sensorial wonders, each experience intimately tied to the diverse exterior conditions that embrace this haven. The journey begins with a breathtaking panorama from the mesa’s summit, where one contemplates the azure cove below, a pure extent that sparkles with tranquility. Meandering village streets wind their way towards beaches, inviting exploration and immersion in the coastal allure. The elevation continues at the mesa’s signature restaurant, offering hilltop dining with sweeping views that unfold like a beautiful scene, creating an ever-changing visual spectacle.

Descending towards the water’s edge, guests experience the mangroves, where the salty breeze and rustling leaves create a harmonious symphony of nature’s whispers. Finally, tucked away along the calm azure cove, the exclusive spa emerges as a haven of rejuvenation, where the waves and the gentle sea breeze seamlessly blend with relaxing treatments, completing the sensorial symphony that defines the Six Sense Resort experience.

Six Senses Amaala by Red Sea Global stands not just as a retreat but as a symphony of nature, luxury, and history, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable world of experiences.

“In the architectural fabric of Six Senses Amaala, we sculpted a dialogue between form and function, seamlessly weaving the spirit of traditional coastal villages with the elegance of sustainable design. Every angle, every curve, and every material sourced locally is a deliberate stroke, a testament to our commitment to crafting spaces that not only stand as structures but resonate as expressions of the land’s intrinsic beauty and history,” shares Martin Dufresne, Design Principal at U+A.

Dabbagh Architects

Dabbagh Architects were commissioned by the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi to conserve the existing historic structures, as well design an extension to the existing Al Ain Museum.

The Al Ain Museum is situated in Al Ain City adjacent to the 7000 yrs old Al Ain Oasis. The site contains two main historically significant structures that are near the Oasis: the mud-brick building of Sultan Fort built in 1910, and the Al Ain National Museum, the first museum in the UAE, built in 1971. In 2019, new evidence was uncovered of an elaborate network of aflaj, wells and a tomb on the Al Ain Museum site.

In honouring the site’s memory, the architecture by Dabbagh captures the spirit of place.  It creates continuity with its contemporary design language while also recognising the site’s rich history, offering a new chapter to the Al Ain Museum’s story for future generations.

Sumaya Dabbagh, founder of Dabbagh Architects, says: “ The architectural approach focuses on the experience of the visitor, allowing them to connect the indoors to the outdoors, to view different elements from various routes and vantage points, and to revive the once sacred vestiges in a contemporary context.  By responding to the site’s rich context, the architecture was able to create a dialogue between the new and the old, giving the new development meaning as well as creating a rich experience for the visitor.” 

One Za’abeel Residential Tower

The One Za’abeel Residential Tower, envisioned by dwp | design worldwide partnership, is set to grace Dubai’s skyline in 2024. Based on its unique location in the heart of Dubai, overlooking Za’abeel Palace Gardens, it offers a unique living experience inspired by the enchanting beauty of nature. Drawing on the idea that nature awakens the human senses and gives us a sense of aliveness, the design reflects the elegance of a magical forest, including hidden treasures such as majestic trees, graceful birds, and tranquil waterfalls within it.

The architectural philosophy centers on seamlessly integrating nature into the urban landscape, ensuring that the city’s views become a truly integral part of the interior experience. Guided by the principle, “Arriving home at the One Za’abeel Residences is arriving to one’s own sanctuary of natural serenity,” the design process prioritizes providing a tranquil atmosphere for each resident.

The interiors reflect nature’s relaxing qualities, with earthy tones, natural materials, and large windows that create a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces. The foyer welcomes guests with characteristics suggestive of a tranquil forest, such as flowing water fountains and botanical accents.

Residential units are meticulously designed to incorporate panoramic city views, with balconies and terraces adorned with greenery to provide private retreats. Amenities within the One Za’abeel Residences amplify the connection to nature, featuring rooftop gardens, communal spaces with lush landscaping with luxurious recreational areas.

The tower encapsulates dwp’s commitment to seamlessly blending this architectural marvel with the natural world. It stands as a sanctuary of natural beauty, where residents can immerse themselves in the calm of their surroundings, both within the confines of their homes and in the shared spaces throughout the tower. The One Za’abeel Residential Tower is poised to redefine luxury living by harmonizing the elements of urban life with the tranquility found in nature.

“The Zabeel Residential Tower is a poetic fusion of urban sophistication and natural serenity. Guided by the ethos that ‘Arriving home at the One Za’abeel Residences is arriving to one’s own sanctuary of natural serenity,’ our design seamlessly integrates the cityscape, crafting an immersive, timeless living experience that transcends traditional architecture,” says Adriana Graur, Design Director at dwp | design worldwide partnership.

Cavendish Square
LEOS Developments

Cavendish Square, a distinguished property by LEOS, resides at the heart of Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), showcasing LEOS Developments’ enduring commitment to crafting refined lifestyle spaces that redefine contemporary living. Cavendish Square’s architectural brilliance is defined by geometric shapes that flawlessly combine simplicity and functionality. Meticulously curated by experienced British and European architects, the home achieves a timeless marriage of form and function, demonstrating LEOS Developments’ commitment to unique living experiences.

At Cavendish Square, sustainability takes precedence, evident in features like the urban farm and roof garden, endorsing green living in JVT. This not only adds to the property’s aesthetics but also reinforces LEOS Developments’ responsible and sustainable development practices.

In embracing a new era of technology, Cavendish Square provides residents with a seamless, modern living experience. The property introduces innovative elements like a co-working space, vertical gardens, an outdoor cinema, a state-of-the-art gym with a LEOS Boxing & Dance Academy, LEOS Da Vinci Art Academy an AI supermarket and the LEOS Concierge App, prioritizing residents’ convenience.

Mark Gaskin, LEOS Developments’ Chief Operating Officer (The Middle East & Asia) shares his enthusiasm, affirming that “Cavendish Square encapsulates our dedication to redefining contemporary living. The integration of architectural brilliance, creative design, sustainability and cutting-edge technology distinguishes this development. We believe it not only meets but surpasses the expectations of modern residents, significantly contributing to the evolution of urban living in Dubai.”

Cavendish Square emerges as a visionary residential development, seamlessly blending architectural excellence, innovative design, sustainability, and technology. It serves as a tangible representation of LEOS Developments’ commitment to shaping sophisticated and elevated living experiences in Dubai’s future.

Riyad Bank HQ

Riyad Bank HQ is located in the heart of the prestigious King Abdullah Financial District. Riyad Bank will ocupy all 52 stories of this dynamic tower that offers a range of diverse environments, including: An impressive double height Lobby, three additional Sky Lobbies, a unique Experience Center, a multifunctional Auditorium and flexible Work Floors with Executive Spaces.

Gensler has completed the design development. After the interior fit-out is completed, the bank’s headquarters will house the entire staff of 5,165 people. The values of the brand are experienced through different branded environments. The diverse program in the building is driven by human and technology themes. The Human side is represented by natural materials in lighter tones,while the technology side is represented by vibrant colours and man-made materials. Through visitor’s journey in the building, these two opposing elements merge creating a harmonious and meaningful journey.

“Gensler’s history with this incredible tower goes back over ten years as our London office was responsible for its architecture from 2009-2013, so it’s gratifying to be entrusted with this incredible project by its new owner. Our teams worked very closely with the Riyad Bank team to complete the project’s design development, and we are confident that Riyad Bank Headquarters will stand out as one of the best commercial spaces in the region for many years to come,” said José Fainé, Principal Design Director for Workplace Studio, Gensler Middle East.

An example office layout was developed from concept to detail design, which acts as a bases of design for the rest of the work floors in the building. The neutral adaptable material palette was introduced as a strategy to give the various departments and divisions the flexibility to adapt their space to their needs.

Natural wood veneers, textured fabrics and biophilia accents combine with the latest advancements in technology, to provide a balanced human-technology experience.

DoubleTree by Hilton, Jeddah, KSA
DSA Architects International

 DSA Architects International were contracted by Taiba Investments as the lead consultant and design architect to undertake multi-disciplinary design services for the DoubleTree by Hilton located on a prime location near King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Square overlooking the Red Sea in Jeddah, KSA.

The brief was to design and create a distinctive hotel that will serve as a new landmark for the city of Jeddah. As the primary gateway to Mecca and Medina, Jeddah benefits from year-round tourism that draws both international and local visitors. The site is popular among tourists and will be developed with major vistas in mind, including the view of the Jeddah flag, the view of King Fahd Fountain, and the view of the Red Sea.

The highly anticipated 4-star urban hotel has a built-up area of 86,450 m² and will consist of 34 floors. Once completed, it will offer 248 guest rooms and 207 serviced apartments to its guests, as well as meeting rooms, ballroom, outdoor pool, 4nos. F&B outlets, gym and kid’s play area.

The hotel has contemporary minimalistic design which provides an elegant and luxurious feel. The building has simple geometry with rich façade details and patterns which correspond with the room modules. An important element of the design will be façade lighting which should emphasise massing and express the inverted “L” shape volume wrapped with a white frame.

The building solution balances the provision of thermal comfort, robust design solutions and low energy delivery to provide a new residential and retail development. The hotel design has been undertaken in a sustainable approach to optimise the design and future operation of the development. The approach for attaining this begins with assessing the building’s energy usage and making improvements to lower the project’s expected energy consumption.