THE FITOUT finished the joinery work for the 200sqm Myriam K Salon in City Walk, Dubai. This work comprised the installation of cabinets, wall cladding, a pantry, a reception desk, as well as specialised items like mirror displays and drawers.

The company implemented a fresh concept for Myriam K Salon by taking advantage of a lot of pastel hues that are currently in trend. A special gradient acrylic material has also been used by the team, as the designers believed in the use of gradients to add color and depth to the designs.

Sherif Nagy, general manager of THE FITOUT, stated: “As we have been in the industry for a long time, we are familiar with the expectations that exist in the wellness and beauty market. Interiors are one of the first elements noticed in a room or space, and we at THE FITOUT, strive to develop creative builds and designs using long-lasting durable materials that suit the needs of our clients. As City Walk is a vibrant and creative street in Dubai, the client requested that we complement the street’s theme, while also delivering exhilarating interior designs. Based on this vision, the location is set up to be a visually appealing space, and we eagerly look forward to the opening of the salon.”

The company also used GRG materials (Glass Reinforced Gypsum, or alternatively known as GFRG, Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum), which is a mixture of plaster, chopped glass fibers, and may also be combined with other aggregates. The material is considered to be more durable and impact resistant, while also offering smoother finishes in comparison to many other forms of traditional plasterwork. Due to its lightweight, the material guarantees a quicker, less labor-intensive installation, which lowers the overall completion costs of the work.