THE FITOUT completed its latest project of renovating the Uptown Mirdiff Mall food court. The project has transformed the food court into a modern and inviting space for diners to enjoy. With a strong commitment and tireless effort, the team at THE FITOUT created a fresh and elevated dining experience that is set to impress visitors.

The rise of leisure activities in the UAE has led to a greater demand for distinctive interior spaces that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences for relaxation. As a result, the fit-out industry is booming, with businesses seeking new and innovative ways to create visually appealing and functional spaces that meet the requirements of customers. This has sparked a wave of creativity and competition among designers and contractors, leading to an exciting era of cutting-edge interior solutions in the region.

THE FITOUT’s skilled workforce transformed the 1,500 sq. m food court space with modern design concepts and an appealing ambiance, with the goal of providing visitors with great dining experiences. The food court’s distinctive interior design featured an extraordinary combination of floor tiles, decorative paints, artificial plants, ceiling mesh, and furniture to provide a refreshing setting for visitors.

The innovative design of the food court coupled with the accent tile and flooring beaming offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for diners, with natural light brightening up the overall tone of the room and drawing further interests of customers.

The green aspect of the design improved the overall aesthetic of the area by integrating nature within it. Moreover, ornamental lights were incorporated into the ceiling mesh to highlight its features and functionality. One of the challenges during the renovation project was that it had to be consistent with the mall’s overall interior style.

Sherif Nagy, General Manager of THE FITOUT, said: “We are happy to have completed the restoration of the food court at Uptown Mirdiff. Our skilled and committed team worked around the clock to complete the project, without sacrificing the quality of our work. We also concentrated on executing the project by giving more significance to greenery and ensure a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Currently, there is a lot of demand in the sector, and we are fervently trying to satisfy our customers’ specifications and requirements. We are certain that visitors to the food court will enjoy the atmosphere we have created.”

Throughout the renovation phase, the food court remained functioning, demonstrating THE FITOUT team’s expertise in carrying out the fit-out work with minimal disruption to everyday operations. Furthermore, the project’s prompt and trouble-free completion showcases the company’s proficiency and dedication to outstanding workmanship.