In conversation with Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, Senior Executive Vice Chairman of MAG, about the concept of Keturah and the state of the Dubai real estate market.

You recently introduced Keturah to the market; could you further explain this concept?

Keturah is an Arabic word that refers to a fragrance traditionally diffused throughout the home to welcome guests. Sounding like ‘couture’ also makes it the perfect term for bespoke new luxury. This new concept combines luxury, well-being, real estate, and hospitality to redefine transformational living in the region, providing residents and visitors with a unique, healthier environment and uplifting inspired living.

What distinguishes Keturah Resort by MAG from the other properties in this segment?

Keturah Resort features 12 mansions based on elements of nature, with three distinct styles that optimise the overall well-being experience: Earth, Water, and Sky. It also hosts eight residential buildings, a Ritz-Carlton hotel with beach access and a private members-only club, a women’s club, a kids club, an immersive and holistic wellness centre, Michelin-star restaurants, and a retail promenade. The luxurious development will be the first in the MENA region to pursue the WELL Health-Safety certification for its buildings as part of MAG’s registered ‘WELL Community’. Additionally, residents will have access to a luxury wellness hotel, eight sustainable and organic-focused retail spaces, including weekend farmers’ markets, 24/7 secure private parking with valet, and a gated community with unique views of the wildlife sanctuary.

The Keturah Resort by MAG is located on Dubai Creek, facing Dubai’s wildlife sanctuary in Ras Al Khor. It provides convenient access to Dubai Downtown, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Dubai International Airport.

What are the design elements of the mansions at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Dubai, Creekside?

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Dubai, Creekside, features 12 mansions themed Earth, Water and Sky. The mansions’ exterior designs and interiors echo cues of the elements, creating distinct experiences for the residents. The spaces create seamless journeys through covered terraces framed by structures that encourage outdoor living, glass-framed courtyards, and adjustable architectural screens that elevate the individual’s interaction with insides and gardens.

The Earth mansions’ minimalist architecture represents a space in constant dialogue with its surroundings, hidden from the street and overlooking the astonishing water view. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass also allows for expansive views, seamlessly merging the patio and living rooms to transform them into one wide reception area when open. 

Considering natural factors, the Water mansions’ designs have been carefully crafted according to the site’s climatological characteristics. Noting the sun’s seasonal changes, the architecture has been adjusted to allow natural light in without overheating indoor spaces. Accounting for the higher wind creekside, the shape of the mansion provides airflow to cool the building façades and outdoor spaces. Inspired by the nature and history of the area, the concept was made to enhance its natural beauty.

The exterior and interior designs of the Sky mansions, on the other hand, reflect the natural elements of the sky, giving residents unique experiences. The mansions’ interiors reflect an eternal sophistication based on enormous, elegant, and light-filled areas complemented by unique, custom-made designer furnishings. The residences are distinguished by their high aesthetic value and use only hand-selected premium materials from artisans worldwide to offer a long-lasting and exquisite experience. The use of glass-framed courtyards, changeable architectural screens, and covered terraces also allow for continuous journeys for the residents to engage with the interiors and gardens.

How do you see the luxury real estate segment here in Dubai? Do you see price points changing as demand continues to grow?

Dubai’s luxury real estate market is an exciting and dynamic one that has been on a steady upward trend in recent years, driven by growing demand from high-net-worth individuals and investors. The city’s strong economic performance — compared to global metropolises — attractive tax laws, and world-class infrastructure have made it a popular destination for affluent global travellers and investors.

With plenty of opportunities for buyers and investors, the prices of luxury real estate properties in Dubai’s market will likely continue to rise with the demand, especially as the city’s strong economy and world-class infrastructure make it an attractive destination for home buyers and investors.

What sets Keturah Reserve apart from other luxury developments in the market?

Keturah Reserve, an AED 3 billion exclusive and innovative new residential development, is in Meydan, one of Dubai’s most sought-after and exclusive residential areas. The project, which features 124 townhouses, 70 villas, 476 units over six apartment block buildings and four penthouses, offers transformational living through the design of space. It is the first residential development in the Middle East to immerse residents in nature through Bio Living to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its occupants. It is also the only residential development in Dubai with a direct nine-minute link to Downtown, with four separate exits onto the city’s main roads: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail road, Al Ain Dubai road and Al Meydan road.

Tell us more about the design concepts that were applied at Keturah Reserve.

Bio Living is rooted in Biophilic Design, architecture and interior design conceived to incorporate nature into the built environment to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of its occupants. Bio Living at Keturah Reserve creates the perfect synergy between the interior design, architecture and landscape, in complete respect of the surrounding ecosystem.

Both interiors and architecture are crafted from the same raw materials and colours to subtly merge the architecture with the surrounding desert landscape. Travertine, wood and bronze link inside with outside. The restrained color palette of bleached bone, champagne and bronze further introduces the natural landscape inside the home. Lush growing nature is visible from every vista, including olive trees, palm trees, green walls, balcony planters and rooftop gardens.

Keturah Reserve homes are designed with double volume interior spaces, increasing the flow and circulation of naturally cooled air. Open plan spaces without corridors or hallways optimise the flow of passage. Furniture and fixtures are custom designed and produced for each space. They blend perfectly into the interior, freeing the flow of movement, and elevating the resident’s physical and mental well-being.

Homes are angled to capture and optimise natural daylight, gently diffusing it throughout the interior without heat or glare. When daylight fades, architectural lighting optimises the body’s circadian system, enhancing mood, comfort and alertness, and improving the quality of sleep, while creating a subtle and healing atmosphere in the home.