Jens Otterstedt, general manager at Al Masaood Bergum, discusses his new role, the growing popularity of modular containers, and the challenges in his field 

By Roma Arora

What can you tell us about your new role at Al Masaood Bergum?
It is an honour for me to be appointed as General Manager of Al Masaood Bergum. It is a privilege to have the management’s trust in my capabilities and full support for my efforts to transform the company into a technology-driven provider of modular and prefabricated manufacturing solutions. Our 2024 strategic plan is now in place to pave the way for us to become a leading high-tech construction company in the Middle East region. Interview Could you provide more information on the unique transportable modular containers?

What industries do you intend to target?
Our multifunctional and durable mobile modular containers were launched to address Abu Dhabi’s growing demand for specialised facilities. The idea behind this move is to merge modular logic with the mobility of trailers and be able to combine them with even more complex set-ups such as hotels, restaurants, offices, retail shops, supermarkets, accommodations, toilets, and prayer rooms with ablutions. This way, we can utilise a truck or an SUV to easily transport our modular container facilities without using expensive cranes and additional trailers. The construction, hospitality, oil and gas, events, small and medium enterprise (SME), start-up, and modular industries can fully maximise our hybrid solution.

The multifunctional and durable pop-up facilities can be used for a variety of purposes– from offices, retail shops, supermarkets, accommodations, and prayer rooms with ablution to toilets. Built to tailor-fit any needs, Al Masaood Bergum’s easily transportable container facility can be quickly set up, whatever the case may be.

How may Expo 2020 have a positive impact on your business?
At Al Masood Bergum, we have delivered modular buildings for Expo 2020 use in support of the world exposition’s sustainability theme. The Expo aims to showcase, amongst others, the importance of relocating buildings to be utilised for other purposes post-event. This will prevent waste and ensure complete optimisation of existing structures. Expo 2020 will help explain this concept and convince others to follow. Given this, we can confidently say that we are on the right track in terms of our multiple solutions.

What is the level of competition in this market? What is your competitive edge?
We hold the distinction of being one of the first to introduce the modular construction concept to the region. We have seen increased industry competition over the last 40 years, which is good as this will translate to more innovations, lower cost, and better service. With our new concepts and Strategy 2024, we are strengthening Al Masaood Bergum’s presence to catapult it into the number one position in the market. Part of our tactic is to pursue a blue ocean strategy in the next couple of years.

What are the most significant advantages of modular containers?
Mobile modular containers are easy to configure and are highly scalable. For SME owners, this means opening their business immediately after the delivery of the facility. With more time saved, they can enjoy a faster return on investment at minimum capital. In addition, entrepreneurs are afforded mobility and flexibility in terms of reaching their customers given that they can bring their services to them in a convenient, innovative, and engaging retail form and other issues. Modular and prefabrication can be optimised using a standard system to assure best material usage and highest cost optimisation and quality whilst minimising the on-site duration and supporting sustainability.

Can this be the future of buildings?
It is already the future of buildings. We expect the industry to experience significant growth in the next couple of years. Combined with new and modern materials, modular and prefabrication solutions can help reduce carbon emissions and protect our planet.

Is this the way buildings will be built in the future?
Yes. As it is, Expo 2020 has been promoting this philosophy as evidenced by its extensive use of modular and relocatable buildings.

Do you have any business strategy?
Yes, Al Masood Bergum has a clear strategy to introduce this modern construction methodology to the market. To be a leader in this field