The promise of a new year and a new you extends to our homes for 2023, with the presentation of Jotun’s new Global Colour Card for 2023, Stories: Colour Design by Jotun. The palette of 21 expressive, hopeful shades are purposely designed to inspire a creative ambience and real element of joy in the home.

Timeless and not trend driven, but chosen for their positivity, honesty and versatility, the palette of colours ranges from smooth warming neutrals to natural, calming greens and rich, statement reds. The new colours have been incorporated with existing shades from the Jotun archive, to create three perfectly blended colour collections for home finishing enthusiasts to paint their own stories.

Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager Middle East, India and Africa explained: “In this collection, we present colours for the new stories expressed in our homes and personal spaces, a selection of tones, tints, and hues selected for their power to create positivity and inspire creative expression. They have not been selected because they are on trend or created to keep up with fashion, but rather because they are timeless, honest, open to an individual’s interpretation and rich in meaning.”

The three colour themes are:


– Slow, soothing colours, soft pastels and healing greens

Focused on minimalism and simplicity, this palette has been designed for cleansed, clutter-free lifestyles. Colours are soft, gentle, and meditative, creating a pared-back spa-like atmosphere that helps you focus and keeps you centered.


– warm earth tones, muted greens, soft yellows, and oranges

The colours in this palette connect us to the natural world, celebrating rustic lifestyles, crafted artefacts, and the beauty and character of imperfection. These calming landscape shades are ideal for giving interiors a farmhouse-chic aesthetic – or bringing a touch of countryside into the heart of the city.


– sophisticated reds, gallery-style naturals, blue accents

A balanced and curated combination of nostalgic tones and contemporary colours, this timeless palette is perfect for cultivating a home-as-art-gallery feel. It’s a confident blend of tradition and modernity conducive to truly personal creative expression.