Charmelle Beauty Salon appointed Brand Creative for a full rebrand and new interior design concept of the space. The Uzbekistani owners wanted the rebrand to reflect their personality and characters; young, and unapologetically bold. The design firm teamed up with Art Painting Lab to conceptualise and execute the interior wall art which is key to the brand’s new narrative.

There is a contemporary Pop Art theme throughout; neon slogans, Seletti banana and mice lights, inkblot test graffiti and suggestive photography.

“For such a daring venture, we knew the artwork needed to be highly developed and consider optical illusion coupled with mixed media moments. Art Painting Lab’s creative team was the perfect partnership in achieving that balance. It’s important that designers engage conceptual artists and thinkers early in the process to ensure the execution and messaging is clear and flawless” said Carla Conte, founder and creative director of Brand Creative.

Art Painting Lab’s creative artist, Karim Tamerji, focussed on three walls in a single corridor where the artwork creates a kitsch-camp surprise moment for the customer. Glow in the dark walls add to the absurd, featuring Russian Dolls, zebras, cherries, and more bananas.

“Creating art as a surprise for the end consumer was the inspiring detail for Charmelle. The artwork has a couple of creative integrations such as glow in the dark paint overlays that reflect onto a large selfie mirror”, said Sam Saliba, founder and creative director of Art Painting Lab.

The Barsha-based salon opened in mid-June.