After spending two years with limited celebrations, residents of the UAE are welcoming a grand Eid at their homes again. Understanding the mood of the nation, Homes r Us has curated eclectic collections to suit the unique needs of homes across the country. These collections introduce three stunning themes to express the perfect observation of this special time. Each of these looks is curated to make hosting a delight for everyone.

The Soothing Ensembles theme answers the need for a tranquil home environment. The interplay of relaxing whites, sky blue, and turquoise with the serendipity of tan hues brings this theme together in a beautiful and cohesive look.

Homes r Us also offers a refreshingly youthful approach to Eid through their Colourful Indulgence look. After all, cheerful interiors are the cornerstone of guests well entertained! With an eye on homes that value heritage, Grand Traditions reimagines classical interior designs with a fusion of mid-century grandeur.

Homes r Us’ wide range spans distinct styles and tastes making them a complete destination for a festive makeover. The new collection ranges from living, dining, bedroom, kids’ room, and accessories are now available across all Homes r Us stores in the UAE and at