Dubai’s skyline is set for a transformation with the Address Residences Zabeel, designed by Mirage. This collection of four luxury residential towers connected by an elevated podium is not just another development—it’s a practical blend of luxury, functionality and sustainability.

Gateway to Dubai’s Future

Positioned at the start of Sheikh Zayed Road, the Address Residences Zabeel serves as a gateway to Dubai, making a bold statement with its distinctive design. As the winning entry of an international design competition, Mirage has crafted a development that seamlessly fits into its surroundings.

Surrounded by landmarks like the World Trade Center – the original Dubai skyscraper, Zabeel Park, The Frame, DIFC, and Zabeel One, the Address Residences Zabeel is a pivotal player in the city’s urban landscape.

Unparalleled Design Features

With over 1700 apartments, this prime address in Dubai offers strategic views of the Burj Khalifa, Zabeel One, the Dubai skyline, the Arabian Gulf, Zabeel Park, The Frame, the Creek, and Dubai Creek Harbour. 

The tower arrangement maximises these views, providing residents with a unique perspective of the city.

The podium, extending from Zabeel Park, integrates nature into urban living, creating a verdant sanctuary. The landscape design, with its swimming pools, transforms the area into a resort-like environment, a serene escape within the city.

Each tower features a forecourt with water features and retail activation, enhancing the sense of arrival for residents. Richly detailed double-height lobbies set the tone for a sophisticated living experience.

Harmony of Form and Materiality

Mirage’s design philosophy for the Address Residences Zabeel responds to its surroundings. The blend of crispness and rectilinearity from DIFC business district is softened by curvilinear geometry and earthy tonality from Zabeel Park, resulting in a harmonious composition bespoke to its location.

Atop the towers, penthouses with pool terraces offer stunning 360-degree views of Dubai’s landmarks, adding to the luxury to the project.

Structural Innovation for Efficiency

In our commitment to project acceleration, we invoked an early Wind Tunnel Testing, expediting the launch of this high-rise development. Mirage’s innovative approach to structural design, particularly utilizing the cutting-edge Monte Carlo Direct method to predict wind loads in collaboration with CPP, a leading wind specialist based in the US, has yielded remarkable cost and time efficiencies. This forward-thinking methodology ensures the structural integrity of the development, adding an extra layer of efficiency to the construction process.

Sustainability at its Core

Beyond aesthetics, the Address Residences Zabeel emphasises sustainability. Aligned with Al Sa’fat guidelines, the project holds a Dubai Green Building Regulations Silver rating. Green areas and landscape zones connect residents with nature, while local plant species, water recovery systems, and recycling initiatives minimise environmental impact.

Energy-efficient building services, lighting control systems, and electric vehicle parking demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices.

Amar Tahilani, CEO of Mirage, shared his vision for the project: “Our goal is to create a living space that not only offers unmatched luxury but also adds significant value to the residents and the community. The design is a blend of form, function, and sustainability, setting new standards for premier living in Dubai.”

The Address Residences Zabeel are a practical blend of design, luxury, and sustainability. As Dubai continues to redefine urban living, Mirage’s creation stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and a greener, more sustainable future.