Wael Farran Studio, a Beirut-based interior architecture practice unveils their latest residential project called ‘Cherished Glow’. A home for a family of four in Beirut, the apartment was fully renovated to embrace the loving feel of the family home, with privacy and flexibility at the core of the accommodation.

The entrance of the apartment includes a private elevator area where guests and inhabitants are greeted by two stylized calligraphy panels by artist Ghaleb Hawila. The living area is a big open space, where all wall separations have been removed giving a sense of wideness and grandeur.

The dining room boasts Paperweight, a sculptural Formitable from the studio’s custom-made line of limited edition tables. The family room is equipped with a big TV unit, also custom- made featuring a clear and clean lines design.

Wael Farran, founder and lead designer of Wael Farran Studio says: “I believe it is the attention to the details that turn a house into a home. For ‘Cherished Glow’ we were highly attentive to the client’s needs and taste, which is what allowed us to work in the details that created the homey feeling.”

The bright feel follows the guest to the restroom that was all made of Carrara white marble, including the accessories such as the special mirror that was made especially for space.

Kitchen is decked up in white and wood is used extensively. The countertop is made of engineered marble that can take the challenge of any knife or lemon slice. The whole space is lit with a high-end lighting system of led profiles.

The hallway leading to the more intimate spaces that are the bedrooms reveals doors that disappear seemingly into the wall, blending perfectly with their surroundings. Stripes of LED lights from the wall intersect with stripes in the ceiling for a luminous effect and function. The master bedroom was also created with unique design details in the bed and its matching cupboard.