The environment and décor elements within our living and workspaces are important to our psyche, well-being, and productivity, say Shadi Bakhour, Business Unit Director B2B at Canon Middle East.

Scientific research has proven how interior design elements can evoke positive or negative emotional responses in people, and it is important to manipulate how we dress our surroundings to our benefit.

Whether you’re remote working or returning to offices, everyone today is looking at their environment, from practicalities of social distancing to how design can improve morale and boost creativity – taking into consideration light, colour, texture, size and spaciousness, and even furniture shapes.

With wall covering becoming a rapidly growing business as it makes a comeback within the interior design world, now is the time to banish plain white walls, and think about introducing wallpaper, murals, and other large-scale décor elements to work in our favour.

The current trend towards personalisation of various applications provides more room for bespoke decoration, reflecting your individual outlook or corporate ethos. Focusing on wallpaper, the global digital wallpaper market is forecast to grow to US$14.44 billion by 2026, according to reports and data, indicating the increasing adoption of this trend by consumers and interior design aficionados.

Wallpaper can completely transform a space as a standalone décor item, and this minimal change can have a great impact with simple yet differentiated designs. Offering more variety and textures, wallpaper is very durable, easy to hang and remove, tidier than paint, and using the right technology, is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Canon’s Colorado 1650 with UVgel technology is a perfect fit. We have developed a technology that offers odourless prints that combine a very rich colour gamut with a velvety matte finish, which is preferred by many interior décor specialists.

Prints are instantly dry, ready for finishing and are extremely robust. The wide-format printer also secures the colour consistency and dimensional stability of the output, even when doing re-runs weeks later.

From a sustainability perspective, which is a core element for us, the Colorado improves sustainability with a 30 per cent lower overall energy consumption compared to other wide-format printers, and close to zero ozone emissions.

Customers today are increasingly adopting more sustainable practices for their daily lives and are also integrating this approach when it comes to their living and work interiors. Opting to work with print providers that use the Colorado give them peace of mind in knowing that they have been stayed true to their preferences.

In the next phase, as we emerge from a global pandemic, our physical and mental well-being is key. Improving our interior environments is something we need to consider as an integral part of our health and adaptability to a new normal.