Handmade in Dubai for modern living, Wood Culture announced the arrival of their first e-commerce platform, offering their wooden and rattan furniture, artwork and home décor to the people of the UAE. Providing unrefined woods for refined spaces, Wood Culture combines the traditions of rustic wood furnishings with a contemporary aesthetic and eclectic design. The collection offers authentic pieces fabricated by hand in Dubai by skilled craftsmen, each offering many years of experience in their trade. Giving you the option to design your own pieces or choose from the extensive collection available on the new website, at Wood Culture you will find unique pieces for sitting in, eating on, resting by and living in.

The website has been split into six distinct sections: new arrivals, furniture, home decors, arts and prints, quarantine lounging and made in Dubai. Whilst the furniture section showcases a selection of chairs, tables, wardrobes, baby bassinets and consoles, the home décor highlights Wood Culture’s baskets, planters, wall hangings and mirrors. Meanwhile, arts and prints focus on the work of Julian Castaldi, a British artist and photographer based in Dubai and quarantine lounging emphases furniture perfect for relaxing during the lockdown.

A company created through an amalgamation of passions surrounding travel, creativity and a love for natural materials, Wood Culture was born out of the founder’s deep love, experience and appreciation of the timber industry. Backed by a constant need to pursue and expand beyond boundaries, the team ignited the ideology and launched the company in Dubai in October 2019. The journey started by creating upcycled furniture using scrap wood like pine and spruce. With word of mouth being the wonderful medium that it is, Wood Culture slowly transferred their production skills towards more exotic lumber from around the world which in hand, attracted a more bespoke clientele.

Travel, being an integral part of the Wood Culture DNA, has enabled the company to expand beyond their local production in UAE and also collaborate with artisans in the Far East and South America. They are one of the few brands in the region to be involved in underwater logging done in an ethical fashion and also the only company to specialise in epoxy resin tables, hybrid furniture made out of wooden planks with resin in between.