XBD Collective, a multi-award-winning design and architecture firm with offices in Dubai, London, and Kochi, proudly announces its role as the interior designer for the successful launch of Rixos Residences in Downtown Dubai.

Situated in the iconic skyline of Downtown Dubai, this 76-storey project is a testament to design excellence, drawing inspiration from Ottoman and Middle Eastern cultures with a fashionable twist. Featuring 260 residences in total, the offering includes 1-to-4-bedroom apartments as well as lavish 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom duplex penthouses. Rixos Residences redefines contemporary urban living by introducing a perfect blend of comfort, sophistication, and luxury.

Amenities include a café in the main lobby, a spa with an authentic hammam experience, the “RIXY” kids club, and the Sky Lounge with a lavish pool and breathtaking views of the cityscape. Furthermore, the project features fitness facilities, padel courts, running tracks, yoga studios, a golf simulation room, private screening rooms, and a fully-fledged boardroom for meetings.

In a groundbreaking partnership, XBD Collective collaborates with developer East & West Properties and Rixos to redefine Middle Eastern hospitality and warmth in a branded residences concept located in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Rixos is part of Ennismore, a creative hospitality company. This alliance introduces a new dimension to branded living, merging different cultural influences from a region that has been shaped by trade, craftsmanship, and culinary spectacles.

Guided by Marc Roca Bravo, XBD Collective’s Managing Partner and Design Director for Commercial Interior and Architecture, the design vision encapsulates the authentic essence of the Rixos brand, focusing on the pillars that define Turkish hospitality—generosity, indulgence, and wellbeing. Collaborating with a dedicated team of eight interior designers, led by Associate Design Manager Mostafa El Gizawi and Senior Interior Designer Farah Istieteih, Roca Bravo has crafted a contemporary urban expression harmonising seamlessly with the prime location in Downtown Dubai and reflecting the core values of the Rixos brand.


Marc Roca Bravo, XBD Collective’s Managing Partner and Design Director for Commercial Interior and Architecture.

“In the top tier of the Dubai real estate landscape, dominated by branded residences, the importance of brand identity and storytelling have reached unprecedented heights,” says Roca Bravo. “Our strategy intricately weaves the essence of the regional culture into ideas of luxury and minimalism, creating a design experience tailored for discerning cosmopolitan nomads. Envisioning Rixos Residences as a welcoming space for a diverse community, we had residents in mind who appreciate a high standard of living and a global perspective anchored in the local cultural fabric.”

The interiors by XBD’s commercial team exude timeless elegance, incorporating expressive and textured marbles and stones to highlight the richness experienced in local traditions and culture. Pops of colour and textures are strategically introduced, while maintaining a neutral palette to infuse a contemporary style that has become a central theme in branded residences design. An intentional interplay between hard and soft materials further expresses the diverse cultures and traditions of the region. This thoughtful blend of materials adds depth to the design, contributing to an immersive living experience that resonates with modern urban lifestyles, all rooted in stories spanning from the Bosphorus to the Arabian Gulf.

East & West Properties, the visionary developer behind the project, expresses excitement about their second collaboration with XBD Collective: “Having previously worked with Marc Roca Bravo and the XBD team, we were eager to continue this partnership to realise the vision of the Rixos brand through exquisitely designed Residences in the vibrant heart of Downtown Dubai.” A spokesperson for East & West Properties remarked, “XBD consistently demonstrates an unparalleled instinct for aligning the expectations of high-profile developers with market trends and the desires of real estate buyers and investors in this unique global melting pot.”

Having made a name for itself, shaping the trend of branded residences in the UAE, XBD looks forward to launching more successful projects with different developers and hospitality brands.