From Paris to Dubai, TwentyOne06’s Yvonne’s new look and feel is fuelled by foresight and in-depth understanding of design trends.

Images of charming, beautiful, and conventional rooms may come to mind when you think of a French patisserie. However, Yvonne defies convention and emerges as a vibrant and daring playground for those who adore bold colors and unapologetic nostalgia. This is how Dubai’s renowned boutique design studio, TwentyOne06, realised the transformation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Dubai’s hospitality design, TwentyOne06 stands as a beacon for crafting spaces that captivate while telling compelling stories. Yvonne, a French Patisserie nestled in Dubai Hills, witnessed a transformation that was guided not by mere information but by an extensive body of research and foresight. At the core of TwentyOne06’s design philosophy lies a commitment to data-driven design that seeks to create interiors that resonate profoundly with their audience. To breathe life into this vision, the studio relies on an array of research packages that form the foundation of their creative process.

“Information is key,” states Govind Shepley, the Creative Director of TwentyOne06. “It allowed us to make insightful, well-informed decisions. By preserving the core values of the existing Yvonne brand and leveraging design foresight, we repositioned Yvonne for the Dubai market, ensuring it stood out in a highly competitive industry.” Yvonne’s transformation is deeply rooted in meticulous research, focusing on prominent trends such as maximalism, bold use of color, and daring nostalgia. Each of these trends played a vital role in shaping Yvonne’s unique ambiance. Maximalism: The Epicenter of Yvonne Maximalism, a stark departure from the minimalism of yesteryears, assumed a vital role in Yvonne’s design journey. This trend beckoned the team to embrace extravagance and to explore a vivid palette of colors, patterns, and artistic details. As they delved deeper into this trend, Yvonne’s interior began to evolve into an immersive sensory experience. Its vibrant floral patterns, intricate details, and artful design elements transported patrons on a journey through design history, paying homage to a time when maximalist aesthetics reigned supreme.

Stirring Emotions with Powerful Use of Color Colors have always held a unique sway over design, stirring emotions and setting the ambiance. For Yvonne, a meticulously curated color palette was chosen to convey warmth, comfort, and elegance, perfectly in tune with the patisserie’s brand ethos. The infusion of powerful pinks and vibrant oranges was deliberate, making every nook and cranny inviting. Pink cocoons patrons in comfort, while orange added a touch of vibrant energy. Each hue was thoughtfully selected to evoke specific emotions, enhancing the overall experience. Bridging Eras with Nostalgia Daring nostalgia, a whimsical journey through time, beckons us to reflect on styles and trends of the past with a contemporary twist. Yvonne embraced the whimsical and playful elements of the past, offering patrons a delightful voyage back in time. From quirky illustrated mascots reminiscent of the ’50s and ’60s to the bold and unapologetic aesthetics of the ’90s and the Y2K era, each element was carefully chosen to create a timeless, unforgettable interior.

Foresight at TwentyOne06 Yvonne’s journey stands as a testament to TwentyOne06’s commitment to fusing foresight and design, resulting in a captivating blend of the past and the present—a harmonious fusion of design trends. The vision is simple yet profound—Yvonne should not merely be an outing; it is an immersive journey transcending the ordinary. Every element, from color choices to intricate designs, was meticulously chosen to tell a story, evoke an emotion, and craft an unforgettable experience. Yvonne’s interior transports visitors to a different era, where the art of pastries and the art of design coalesce in a harmonious fusion.