10 Design (part of Egis Group) is pleased to announce its merger with SB Architects, a San Francisco-based architecture and design firm that specialises in creating international hospitality destinations. The merger not only broadens 10 Design’s geographical reach in the United States, but it also strengthens the firm’s expertise in hospitality design.

With 10 Design being part of Egis Group – one of the world’s leading consulting, engineering, and operating companies, the strategic business merger with SB Architects further expands Egis’ design and architectural capabilities. The deal also allows SB Architects to expand its global presence and compete for high-profile projects in new markets.

Complementary in nature, both 10 Design and SB Architects are entrepreneurial in spirit, ethically driven, and people-first firms, with a keen focus on innovation and sustainability. While preserving the current business structure, leadership team, and design approach, the merger allows 10 Design and SB Architects to pursue new opportunities, collaborate with a whole new host of design professionals, and support each other in an expanded geographic reach.

Ross Milne, CEO at 10 Design, comments: “This merger is another step along the way to expand upon 10 Design’s international footprint. The geographic office locations and design skills of each practice provide an incredible platform for multi-skill collaboration. In the past 18 months, we have worked together on many projects from Asia to the US, which has strengthened our belief that we are completely aligned culturally and in terms of architectural ambition. I look forward to the next chapter where we together with Egis can build the business and produce world-class architecture.”

Scott Lee, President and Principal at SB Architects says: “We are delighted to share this announcement, in what I have no doubt will be an exciting and pivotal moment for our future. This is an incredible opportunity to transition and evolve SB Architects, and it happened at the right time, in the right way to allow our firm’s vision and potential to be fully realised. This merger is in line with our strategic plan to build on the strength of our service offering while maintaining our commitment to quality, innovation, and value. The reputation and resources from the Egis Group and 10 Design combined with SB Architects’ 62 years of design excellence, will secure the collective a place in the pantheon of architecture, which is the pinnacle of where we have always strived to be”.