Ramadan is a time of joy and togetherness as we open our homes to share wonderful moments with friends and family. Celebrate the holy month with some stylish updates to your décor, bringing culture, colour and character to your interiors with 2XL’s latest Ramadan collection.

Offering a selection of beautiful yet functional pieces, the 2XL Ramadan collection includes a mix of modern and traditional furniture and accessories that are perfect for dazzling and stylish Ramadan evenings. The range includes warm tones and contemporary designs with a chic Middle Eastern twist and consists of an array of accessories that can be mixed and matched together.

Reflect warmth in your home with carefully selected tableware, glassware and ornaments this season. Curate a stylish iftar table with striking yet functional accessories, including tableware adorned with Arabic calligraphy and dinner sets with golden accents. Pieces such as jars and candleholders can add a polished look to your dining tables, and pieces such as vases and incense bowls can make for lovely Eid gifts or finishing touches.

From subtle golds to colourful prints, geometric patterns and arabesque styles, there’s something for everyone to appreciate.