The 3MOMS – renowned global luxury interior design company is focussed on creating imaginative rooms for children and newborns  and will be showcasing its spectacular new products at Bloomingdales HOME section in Dubai Mall in January 2020.

“The new collection is inspired by the fact that when children dream, they dream big – without limitations or fear,” said Tuvana Buyukcinar, one of the founders of 3MOMS. “Therefore, our new collection is all about making their dreams come true.”

The 3MOMS team works with neutral colour palettes to enable their designs to last longer in terms of trends in style and design, meaning kids can enjoy the creations for longer.

Animals and nature play a central role too, as it teaches kids to show care and love for living creatures and the environment around them – and of course, these animals then become their best friends.

3MOMS works with many experts, including child psychologists, in order to develop designs that hold valuable meaning and encourage learning. And when it comes to bespoke, commissioned room designs, 3MOMS always considers a child’s individual character and personality, as well as the family’s circumstances, before creating a space.

For example, during the colour selection, the team makes sure they incorporate any information about how certain shades may affect the child’s development.

“The reaction of the children when they see their completed room for the first time is absolutely priceless,” said co-founder Alara Kocibey. “Watching their excitement can honestly bring a tear to your eye.”

Inside the store, the new 3MOMS collection will showcase the latest trends, including a ‘Wonder Wall’ – this can be anything: a map of the world, drawings of animals… the wall is only limited by the corners of a child’s imagination.