Ahid Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Bianca & Bianco, talks about the importance of affordable luxury in bath and kitchen spaces

Our living spaces, their ambience, and the aesthetic they convey are the canvas for all our experiences and memories. They are a constant in our lives that goes far beyond the utilitarian purpose served by four walls and a roof. Whether it is your favourite café or what you like best about your own home, chances are that it’s the little details that catch your eye and set the mood. Specifics like the location and layout of a property, the natural light it draws in, the height of its ceilings and the ‘look’ it conveys, and all have a profound impact on our experience of it. When it comes to making a statement, bathrooms and kitchens often influence the character of a home even more than living spaces and bedrooms – which tend to be comparatively blank slates that are defined by their furnishings.

Research shows that potential homebuyers tend to be strongly swayed in their purchase decision, by the bathrooms and kitchen spaces in a property. Again, the idea is to introduce something luxurious and affordable at the same time. It’s amazing to see that we have now access to such brands in the region and consumers have more options than before to choose from. As a global metropolis that is staking a claim for its unique self-expression, Dubai is increasingly confident about the stylistic preferences that define it. A thriving economy and a generally optimistic character are driving the growth of the affordable luxury segment in the city’s rapidly expanding middle class. What is further reinforcing this aspiration driven segment is the growing trend of refurbishment and renovation. Giving their property a makeover is emerging as a popular strategy among homebuyers, who prefer creative upgrades that reflect their personal aesthetics. With many of the established communities in the city now a decade or more old, their owners are also looking to incorporate a more contemporary look – whether for their own satisfaction or to add to the value of a property they intend to put on the market. Innovative new products, such as large slab tiles that combine striking, inviting and chic looks with highly resilient performance and affordable prices, are being used to transform spaces, whether as an alluring floor or an eye-catching feature wall. Real estate is often the single largest purchase we make.

A home is a long-term commitment but this doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself into a look and a style that has fallen out of favour. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, the plumbing and accessories involved often necessitate regular upgrades and repairs anyway. However, astute homeowners realise that thinking beyond this basic level of intervention is the key to a far more magical and exhilarating world of designer upgrades. The right countertop, the perfect combination of slab tiles and contemporary accessories, attention to detail and an eye for elegance can infuse a previously drab space with dramatic new flair and elegance. What’s more, such a transformation no longer needs to break the bank. From minimalist modern chic to classic opulence and all variations in between, creating designer bathrooms and kitchens that combine luxury, functionality and a tastefully bold statement is the easiest way to add value to your property. A new generation of homeowners is taking the same approach to the refurbishment of their bathrooms and kitchens as updating their wardrobes. With the arrival of affordable luxury options in bath and kitchen collections, the ability to keep up with the times and renovate these spaces has never been easier or more accessible.