AMANA, regional design-build contractor, has announced the launch of DuPod, an AMANA company. This innovative modular construction concept manufactures superior quality utility, wellness, retail, and living pods.

In line with AMANA’s mission of championing intelligent solutions that improve the way we build, DuPod offers a multitude of intelligent modular solutions for developers, architects, and contractors across key markets in the region. As part of AMANA’s field-tested modular platform active in the MENA region since 2012, the Pods are manufactured off-site in a factory-controlled environment, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste as well as pollution, which are problems typically associated with traditional construction. DuPod also adapts advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) engineering to enable enhanced project coordination, collaboration, and efficiency between all stakeholders.

Commenting on the launch Ihab Ramlawi, managing director and co-founder of DuPod said: “Modular Construction has been changing the region’s landscape and fast gaining popularity due to the fact that it offers early project deliveries, convenience, and unprecedented certainty of quality and cost. In addition, it is extensively adopted for its versatility in design application. We are proud to be launching DuPod at a time when there is such exceptional demand for sophisticated and tech-enabled construction solutions that accelerate project lifecycle and maximise project value while ensuring first-rate quality and standardisation.”

The productisation process of DuPod requires a migration from traditional construction methods to a processed manufacturing platform. It integrates advanced engineering, supply chain, and operation planning, using technology to streamline the product life cycle, in turn, targeting higher efficiency.

“As factories are becoming more efficient and using artificial intelligence as well as robotics to create modules with more precision, we believe modular construction will play an ever more significant role going forward. Our mission is to continue investing in technological advancements to improve efficiency and we look forward to doing so in the months ahead,” Ramlawi added.