The first kitchen by Aston Martin is here. The first very elegant kitchen, which becomes part of a unique, rich and diversified context of total living, results from the fruitful and firm collaboration between the luxury brand Aston Martin and Formitalia, the producer of luxury furniture and accessories. The V888 kitchen, which is true to the styles which represent the tradition and the craftsmanship of the sporting cars Aston Martin, is fully handmade in Italy in an impeccably way and with refined materials. The kitchen island has a sizeable structure which is high performing and characterised by a top made of grey Pulpis marble with a moving countertop made of Canaletto walnut equipped with a remote-controlled electrical mechanism and with a safety stopping system. Kitchen is equipped with refined and ultra-modern solutions as well as with a wide range of electrical appliances from Gaggenau, which ensure efficiency and availability to live unique, and very high-level experiences daily.