Latest innovations and trends by leading lighting suppliers in the region

Ambiance Alshaya Enterprises

About the brand Ambiance division from Alshaya Enterprises is specialised in professional lighting solutions that bring spaces to life and make them more charming, productive and safe. Ambiance offers a wide range of high-quality products and reliable brands enable them to work on all kinds of environments: interior and exterior, technical and decorative. From developing the lighting concept up to the supply and installation, Ambiance offers the best support everywhere at any time in order to satisfy all the aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals of any project. The organisation sees huge potential in lighting and is, therefore, investing heavily in expansion plans in the entire region especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their promising 2030 Vision.

Trends Lighting can simply make or break a room – several trends that have emerged in lighting seem to continue trending in 2019. LED is the absolute and undisputed standard nowadays. Trends like industrial minimalism are getting very popular— Where combining of raw industrial shapes and finishes with the warm hues of Edison light bulbs looks amazing. Also, vintage bulbs have taken the centrestage and more variations of the famous Edison-style bulbs is attracting the clients.

Latest launches The latest trends in decorative lighting with many design award winners can be seen in the Alshaya Enterprises stand during the Downtown Design Exhibition in at Dubai Design District November 12-15, 2019.

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Curiosity is the portable lamp by Artemide

About the brand Artemide, a historical leader in lighting, has always been a synonym for innovation and Made in Italy and its products are seen as contemporary design icons internationally. Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through 24 subsidiaries. Its distribution network includes approximately 50 branded showrooms in the main cities around the world.

Trends Artemide opens up important research issues connected with photonics and new technologies to outline a future vision, a new way to interpret and experience light. The company is moving towards the new frontiers of design where the core is no longer just the product as such but new intelligence Artemide of management: smart and digital management systems, Artemide App, Geo Li-Fi, Li-Fi, sensors, and IoT interaction.

Latest Launches Artemide works with Italian and international architects to develop innovative products able to interpret several cultural perspectives. Latest products are developed with architects like BIG (Gople, Alphabet of Light, La Linea, Ripple), Elemental by Alejandro Aravena (“O”, Huara), Neri&Hu (NH, Yanzi), Atelier Oi (Vitruvio), Pallavi Dean (Interveawe), Gensler (Series Y), Fratelli Campana (Irupè), Neil Poulton (Calipso System) , Davide Oppizzi (Curiosity), and Carlotta de Bevilacqua (A.24, Turn Around, Vector).

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Grok presents a series of luminaires that emphasise the connection between design and minimalism, as well as the relationship between materials and lighting

About the brand LEDS C4 is a Spanish lighting solution provider, known for its wider range of architectural (indoor and outdoor), contemporary, decorative, and bespoke lighting solutions. The company has a strong presence glob wider cover over 140 countries.

Trends The 2019 catalogues of LEDS C4/GROK Lighting offers a strong range of LED lighting both architectural and decorative. With fast moving technology LEDS C4 focusses on efficiency, performance, design, and simplified asthmatics. Technology is essential and the brand provides advanced ELD lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

Latest launches VOILE is the new creation of GROK decorative brand, this line was created in collaboration with the creative French artist Céline Wright. A unique artisan handmade sculpture made of Japanese Washi paper, Voiles Lighting redefines the aesthetics of contemporary style and retouches on it with elegance and beauty. With integrated high-end LED modules, this lighting fixture offers a modules, this lighting fixture offers a modern solution for decorative lighting. On the one hand, its asymmetric shape provides a different vision depending on your position. On the other hand, the Japanese Washi paper gives the piece a lightness that allows constant movement. Together they create a poetic living piece that makes any space more

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Designer Ichiro Iwasaki creates Tube for Vibia, an innovative system of hanging lamps

About the brand Vibia is based in Barcelona, a city that loves design and culture, past, and present. From there the brand has been able to channel the industrial and service abilities to construct a team of people that create extraordinary products and experiences like never before. Vibia has used local knowledge to build a global business. They are present in 80 countries and have a subsidiary in the US. The Vibia community is constantly growing. Today, over 100,000 professionals work on their lighting projects on

Trends Design at Vibia is at the centre of what they do. The brand collaborates with designers to produce something spectacular and extraordinary. To be part of the creation of such narratives, Vibia uses materials, light sources, smart dimming control, and connectivity systems.

Latest Launches Vibia participated in Euroluce 2019 and showcased 10 new collections from renowned international designers. Among them were Arik Levy, Martín Azúa, and Stefan Diez, with whom Vibia has collaborated in the past. The brand also introduced first-time collections from award-winning designers Sebastian Herkner and Maarten De Ceulaer.

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