Brand creative’s latest workplace in Bay Square  is well-lit, collaborative, and all about positive vibes. 2019 marked an exciting new chapter for Brand Creative. The new studio is a bright, vibrant, and energetic space that truly reflects the colourful character of the diverse, multi-disciplinary agency. Bold, dynamic, multi-coloured, custom geometric graphics anchor the studio and are balanced by striking black and white bespoke features that reflect the agency’s refreshed branding.
“Innovation is one of our driving forces and in order to innovate you need to look at ways to evolve, push the boundaries, shift and progress. At the centre of it all is movement and ideas in motion, which strongly influenced the concept of our space,” explains Carla Conte, co-founder and creative director of Brand Creative.

“You will see literal translations of the concept of movement darted around the space, such as our vintage matte black bicycle, retro roller skates and custom illustrated skateboards depicting our global offices in Dubai, India and Toronto,” adds Conte.

The large open-plan layout of the studio has also allowed for seamless collaboration and communication between all three departments of the agency, strategy, interior design, and graphic design, which means that there is always a constant flow of movement and energy. The combination and use of signature pieces from global furniture manufacturers such as Schiavello and Steelcase have also aided in creating a comfortable, productive and stimulating environment. The change has had a positive impact for the staff, clients and overall operations, bringing new energy and prospects to the Brand Creative team.

Office in pictures: